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Musings on the HR Derby & Celebrity Game

* Ryan Howard hit a total of 23 home runs, many colossal shots, and won the Home Run Derby. Good thing for the Pirates that Kip Wells-for-Howard trade rumor from last season never came to fruition.

Ryan Howard doing a dead-on impression of Willie Stargell

* My Chris Berman impersonation: "Here comes David Ortiz, they call him Big Papi..." ... "What a blast by Big Pappy"..."Back, back, back, GONE, Big Papi has done it again!"..."And what an evening by Big Pappy!" At least he was consistently inconsistent.
The Raydahs! Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field! Wait, we're doing baseball tonight?

* MLB announced they are releasing an Unrated DVD version of the Home Run Derby with all of David Wright's vulgarity left uncut.

A David Wright conversation, sans tape delay

* Tonight was also the Jose Canseco Bash at Matrix, a club in Pittsburgh. $20 got you a meet and greet with Jose, his wife Jessica, two Playmates, and three members of the baseball mafia.
Canseco picked a bad night to forget his mansear

* The annual Celebrity Softball game, played on Sunday, was aired after the HR Derby, to the amusement of about 10 people. The D-List celebrities combined with out of shape baseball stars jogging around the field is truly a combination for must-see TV. Seriously, is there one person out there who enjoys this?

Marcus Giamatti of Judging Amy appeared in the celebrity game. There's no way he was deserving. We really do have to tweak this system.


Unknown said...

I think Canseco needs to catch up on some back episodes of "Seinfeld". First of all, wearing a see-through blouse would have been perfect for use with a Kramer "bro". But he should have worn the ruffled Pirate shirt made famous by Jerry (in honor of the Buccos of course).

mondesishouse said...

If you remember, worstavid, Kramer and Frank Costanza were arguing over the name---"Bro" or "Mansear"