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Readers Rule Day: Ex-Steeler Regrets

Ex-Steeler Regrets
by David Benedict

Here's a look at whether any former Steelers, and a few others, regret leaving or being forced to leave the organization as it prepares to play in another Super Bowl:

Bill Cowher - Publicly, No. "I love CBS." Privately, Yes. Doesn't quite seem like the Hall of Fame material he was 4 years ago. Fast becoming the Pete Best to Mike Tomlin's Ringo Starr. Especially after finding there haven't been many NFL openings for egomaniac coaches wanting $8 million per year and total control of all football operations of a team on the verge of a Super Bowl, and in a city close enough to watch their daughters play basketball.

Jeff Reed - Yes. Not because he regrets trashing a paper towel hold or being cited for disorderly conduct; rather he's missing out on some great parties. Bonus question: Would he be rooting for Shaun Suisham to make that game-winning field goal with just seconds remaining? No way. Why? Because he is Skippy. Would he make that kick? Thank God Steeler nation will never know.

Santonio Holmes - No. He still can't figure out why he was traded. And now can't figure out why his boy Ike would diss him like that.

Alan Faneca - No. He would only come back now if he became the highest paid Steeler. Hey, he's got principle. Besides, if he wants to go, at least he can afford a SB 45 ticket with all the jack he left for.

Justin Hartwig - Yes. Contends he would have never made the rookie mistake of letting his ankle get rolled up on.

Terry Bradshaw - No. If the league didn't pay him enough to show up for SB 40, how can they afford him now?

Ambassador Rooney - Hell Yes! In his paraphrased words, "An 18 game season would suck." Let's see if Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder can pass it while Ambassdor Rooney's plane is stuck on the tarmac at Dublin International.

Daniel Sepulveda - Yes. Been on the team 4 years and hasn't played in a Super Bowl yet. Anyway, how many punters in NFL history have twice torn ACLs? In their non-kicking legs???

Pittsburgh-area native Mike McCarthy - No. Will officially go from a Kielbasa guy to a Bratwurst guy with a win.

Pittsburgh-area native Joe Namath - Yes. The Steelers' AFC championship game win meant the Rex Ryan Jets aren't yet in the same class as his '69 Jets. That's worth a kiss from Suzy.

Former Defense Coordinator Dom Capers - No. After Santonio Holmes exposed all the secrets of the Steeler defense, what's left for him to say?

Former Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt - Yes. Santonio didn't know enough about the Steeler offense to expose it. Also, he's now finding out why every Cardinal coach this side of Jim Hanifan hasn't lasted more than 6 years. Uh,'re going on 5.

Former Offensive Line Coach Russ Grimm - No. But swears that the Rooneys offered him a SB 45 ticket.

Ex-Steeler J-Peezy - Yes. Where's Snoop Dogg? How would Aaron Rodgers like another concussion? Or two?

Soon-to-be-ex-Steeler Limas Sweed - Who knows?

Almost owner Stanley Druckenmiller - Yes. I can hear him now: "If I had only offered  Art Rooney, Jr., another $100 million, I would be sitting in Jerry Jones' suite with my black and gold face!"

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Unknown said...

Tough love for coach cowher....... To turn his favorite phrase "now i will say this" its a lot more fun playing title games at home than it used to be.

Unknown said...

best one of these so far...

Nate said...

The we miss any of them?

My personal answers:

Cowher - Nah. I liked him a lot while he was here, but I like Tomlin more.

Reed - Hell no. I can't believe we ever franchised him in the first place. Kicker accuracy on field goals varies wildly every year, but the guy could never kick off deep and he was a huge ass.

Holmes - Eh, a little. I have a feeling I'd miss him a lot more if Sanders and Brown hadn't stepped up in such a big way this year.

Faneca - When he left I missed him big-time, now I think he's too old to be effective.

Hartwig - Another warm body would be nice in case we get yet another o-line injury, but he's not much more than that.

Bradshaw - I'd like him to publicly embrace his ties to the team a bit more.

Rooney - More than anyone else on this list, YES.

Sepulveda - Sure. He's a good punter when he's not injured.

Capers - Nope. LeBeau > Capers.

Whisenhunt - Hard to say. We all hate Arians, but you can't argue with results. But I do think Kenny ran a good offense.

Grimm - Nah.

Porter - Too old. Do not want.

Sweed - I still stubbornly think he could have been something if he didn't get hurt this year. Now, we don't really have a need for him, though.

The rest - Don't care.

Bababooey said...

The question...Do we miss Nate?

Unknown said...

@ bababooey - nobody would or could EVER miss nate!!

Nate said...

You guys are hilarious. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Re: Sepulveda - I believe it's his third tear. Gotta feel sorry for the guy.

Sean H said...

I don't know how much Cowher misses being with the Steelers. At least in a coaching capacity. He struck me as being pretty burned out his last season in Pittsburgh. I think he's done with coaching for quite some time, if not forever. He has been offered every open job in the NFL, and turned each one down in kind. That probably has something to do with the $3mil plus he's pulling down a year for doing 10-hour work weeks 6 months of the year.

I'm glad he left, because we got Tomlin at just the right time. He's just as intense and tough as Cowher was, but about a thousand times smarter. I hope he's roaming the sidelines in Pittsburgh for at least another decade.