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Readers Rule Day: New Terrible Towel Pictures

As submitted by the readers, here's a fresh round of Terrible Towel photos for your viewing enjoyment. I hope Clay Travis is paying attention to what this little symbol of Pittsburgh means to the people protecting his freedom and serving his country.

"In January of 2009 I was preparing to leave for Iraq for 16 months. Seeing the Steelers win the Super Bowl vs. AZ was incredibly special not knowing what was ahead for me and that I'd miss most of the next season at least. I got to see some of the games while in Baghdad, mostly at 3 AM before heading out on missions. The first pic was taken in a chair given to Saddam Hussein by Yasser Arafat in the 1980s. On one side of the chair it says "Death to Israel" and on the other "Death to America". That hasn't worked out too well for Yasser or Saddam so far thanks to the U.S. military. The second pic was taken a few days later. I was given two weeks of leave from Iraq and I went as far away from Iraq as New Zealand. There my wife and I spent two incredible weeks traveling the country and she took this shot from the top of the Tongariro World Heritage Site on the North Island. Supposedly this is one of the famous Lords of the Rings shooting locations but I haven't seen any of the trilogy. Can't imagine two more different Terrible Towel photos shot in such a short span.

I made it back this April in one piece and have been lucky enough to attend both the Carolina Panthers game and the AFC Championship this fall. Like most others on this site, I've been a Steelers fan since birth and am originally from Turkeytown, PA, just down the road from Belle Vernon. Can't wait for Sunday..." 
- Chad Faber

"I attached a picture for you of my brother in law, Ben. He is in the Air Force, currently stationed in Afghanistan. I made sure he sent me a picture of himself for you to use. Enjoy! Here we go Steelers!!" - Charlie H.

Baby Nicholas, from Dom E.

"Wanted to pass on a few terrible towel pics from a few months ago in Rome." - Patrick N.
" I've attached a picture of myself with a Terrible Towel taken this past summer at Kinkakuji, the Golden Palace in Kyoto, Japan" - Mike F., New York
"This was taken at Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles just before the AFC Championship game against the Jets." - Linda F.

 "Here are a couple pics from our Oktoberfest 2010 trip in the beer tent...we tried like hell to see the Tampa Bay game but most bars in Munich don't have the NFL ticket!!" - Kevin, Dom and Matt

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Unknown said...

Clay Travis is a dumbass...i have that 6-time super bowl champions towel also...i hope it becomes outdated this week!

Unknown said...

Clay travis accomplished exactly what we wanted to.....we now know his name.

I was in europe last summer.....and in my first four hours there i saw a terrible towel at the coliseum.