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Pouncey, Smith Officially Out for Super Bowl

In news that's disappointing and sad but not really surprising, rookie Steeler center Maurkice Pouncey will not play in the Super Bowl after missing practice again on Friday. Pouncey had said throughout the week that he had a 75% chance of playing, but I think that was more wishful thinking than reality. He sure didn't look like a guy who was going to play on Sunday when he arrived in Dallas on crutches.

Mike Tomlin confirmed the news to ESPN's Suzy Kolber this afternoon, which means that Doug Legursky will officially get the start and the opportunity to contend with Green Bay's BJ Raji on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Pouncey will be joined on the sidelines by DE Aaron Smith, whose long-awaited Super Bowl comeback will not happen. It would have been a nice story along the lines of Rod Woodson  coming back to play in SBXXX, but Smith's absence became official on Friday.

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Koz said...


Approximately 300 hours of ESPN radio airtime debating what if gone up in smoke.

JW said...

Who listens to ESPN radio?

Nate said...

Teach me how to Dougie, teach me teach me how to Dougie