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MH Site Redesign Input Wanted

I've been very busy of late using my MH time towards an upcoming redesign/reboot to the site, which should slowly be rolling out soon. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of regular posts, but I have only so much time to use here, and I'd like to think of these as "bigger-picture" site projects. I'm happy to report that the pieces are gradually falling into place and the end result will be a much improved product that's more user-friendly.

With that in mind, I'd certainly appreciate your opinions on what you would like from the site going forward. I'm talking design, content, or any other changes you think would enhance your experience. I did this with my last major redesign a few years ago and received very valuable feedback that I was able to implement and continue to use to this day. I'm hopeful that we can get similar results this time around. I sincerely thank you in advance for any input you can share.

If you would like to share some thoughts on the site, please send your ideas to: