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Mayor SnowShovelStahl

Like most Pittsburghers, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl was shoveling snow on Tuesday. Unlike most Pittsburghers, he was doing it in Green Bay Packers gear.

The sports-loving Mayor was on the losing end of a Super Bowl bet with Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt, and since Big Ben couldn't come up with one more miracle, that meant Ravenstahl had to shovel snow at Saint Rosalia Parish in Greenfield Tuesday morning. St. Rosalia happens to be the church that Packer coach Mike McCarthy attended as a child.

"Make no mistake about it. On Sunday, our Steelers are bringing home number seven and showing the Packers what it means to be the City of Champions," Ravenstahl incorrectly predicted when making the bet earlier this month.

If the Steelers would've won, Schmitt would have shoveled snow from the walkway of a Steelers fan in Green Bay, while clad in Steelers attire, flown the Pittsburgh city flag at Green Bay's city hall for a day, and sent Ravenstahl a package of local food products.

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