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Steeler and Penguin Support: A Visual History

After hearing the news that a Terrible Towel invasion was planned for tonight's Penguin game in New Jersey, I was once again proud to be a Pittsburgher. Unlike Cleveland, whose front-running stars root for the opposition (before skipping town themselves), players from all over the globe who work in this city eventually find themselves rooting for their pro sports counterparts around town. It's an extremely contagious condition.

So let's take a little look at the history of such memorable moments over the past few years as the Penguin players show their Steeler love and vice versa:

(above): Dan Bylsma and Mike Tomlin model jerseys after being named as the 2009 Pittsburghers of the Year

January, 2006: Sidney Crosby does the Towel thing in his rookie season during the Steelers' Super Bowl run

January, 2009: Marc-Andre Fleury waves a Terrible Towel after being named the #1 star in a 3-0 win over the Rangers.

January, 2010: The Winter Classic serves as an occasion for Pascal Dupuis to don a Steeler helmet and Max Talbot to come out with a Terrible Towel tucked in his pants

second Talbot pic courtesy reader Robert J. - click for larger view, it's a good one

May, 2008: Casey Hampton bangs on the glass after Marian Hossa's series-ending goal against the New York Rangers in the playoffs


2009: Ben Roethlisberger takes in a Pens game with Mario Lemieux; Roethlisberger is frequently spotted at both Pens games and Pitt basketball games


February, 2009: Jeff Reed, a frequent visitor at the Igloo, drops the puck at a Pens-Lightning game:

2009: Mike Tomlin and son cheer on the Pens during a playoff whiteout:

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Koz said...

So how do we explain the meatheads that call in talk radio shows bashing the Penguins in favor of the Steelers for no reason?

I guess there's no explaining meatheads.

PS: IMHO, This post doesn't count as a Pens post. We're almost going on a solid month without any real coverage of a championship contending team. Wow.

Unknown said...

Not as many opportunities to do it because there is little overlap in the seasons, but the Pirates did a pretty nice job honoring the Pens after their Stanley Cup.

Then again, 95% of the region is too busy ignoring the Pirates to know when they do something worth noticing.

Unknown said...

My brother and I travelled to the NJ Devils game to support the Penguins (w/o Crosby & Malkin) and, ultimately, the Steelers in JETS territory. It was great to represent! The arena was probably at 65% capacity at best with Pittsburgh fans accounting for at least 10%. "Pittsburgh's goin' to the superbowl!" was our counter chant!