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Steeler Game Costs Dirty Ravens $55,000 in Fines

The ever-confusing NFL has fined Jameel McClain $40,000 for his concussion-inducing hit on Heath Miller and has also fined Haloti Ngata $15,000 for his nose-breaking hit on Ben Roethlisberger (which has now been fixed, by the way). 

How about the refs, who blew both calls? Any fines or discipline for them, NFL? They're really doing a stellar job of enforcing the rules this season, if I do say so. They're so eager to penalize James Harrison, they have the flag cocked and ready as soon as he's in the play. But a defenseless receiver, the piece de resistance of illegal hits? It gets a blind eye from the officials. I don't usually wear tin-foil hats, but it sure makes you wonder.

The Tomlin press conference is coming up this afternoon, and aside from hearing how great the Bengals are, it should be an interesting one from an injury point of view. I do know that Miller must pass a series of concussion tests before being allowed to play again, but that was a rather violent hit that might be best served with a week of rest. We shall see.

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Steve said...

It's all so simple see...all Tomlin needs to do is say his team knows how to play within the rules and the officials will take his word for it and put away the flags. That smartass Harbaugh figured it out, lied like a used car salesman working for a bonus and viola...a player almost becomes a quad and no flags. Is it really that easy? I think so. Sure you may get fined after the fact but as long as penalties from the zebra nazi's don't cost you a game, who cares?

Seriously though, I told everyone this game would be a classic Steelers/Ravens blood-letting and it would prove the hypocrisy of the NFL and that's what happened. Different rules for different players and teams. There is no refuting that anymore. The NFL is officially a joke.

Unknown said...

i think the ravens and steelers games are usually full of non-calls. the officials usually just let them go at it...

but this year is different. right?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am just glad it was on National TV and one of the Steelers biggest detractors was pointing out the misses and why the Steelers fans should be outraged.

@Corey, I understand your point. But the reality is that since the all of the Harrison stuff went down, our games HAVE BEEN called differently and we have been on the short end of the stick each time.

Steve said...

Sorry, I don't know where I lost you on this. Like I said: different rules for different teams and different rules for different games too. That's the definition of hypocrisy, right? Either call it one way or another and be consistent with it from player to player, team to team and game to game, or don't expect anyone to take the officiating or the league seriously enough to even start thinking that games aren't being fixed. They actually call this kind of officiating the WWF in some parts.

It wasn't that long ago the NFL officiating was considered a cut above other sports like the NBA and NHL, not anymore.

Bababooey said...

Soooooo....Sid had a great game last night..

Spatula said...

The fine on Ngata was the NFL covering up the horrible refs. Should he have been flagged? Obviously, yes because it was a blow to the head. Should he have been fined? Just as obviously, no because it was the uninentional result of Ngata flailing around like Lurch from the Addams Family.

Unknown said...

Agreed. The 15000 dollar fine given to Ngata would have been better levied to the officiating crew. Ngata is not a guy with a history of dirty play. He caught the QB in the face (This has ALWAYS been a penalty "Illegal hands to the face") by accident while trying to make a football play and should be legislated on the field with a penalty. The NFL deflecting the problem onto the players and selling it as "accountability" while taking none themselves.