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Dana Holgorsen Goes From Savior to Rival, Joins WVU

It's official...(or it's going to be by the end of the week): Dana Holgorsen will eerily peer over Bill Stewart's shoulder next season in Morgantown before officially taking the job as Head Coach of WVU in 2012. 

The contract is for $500,000 in 2011, then jumps to $2 million per season after that as part of a six-year deal. For comparison's sake, Dave Wannstedt made $1,010,873 with Pitt in 2010, next-to-last in the Big East in front of only Bil Stewart's $903,000 at West Virginia. Frankly, I cannot wait to see Pitt's financial response to this one.

As for Holgorsen, he pocketed $360,000 as the Oklahoma State offensive coordinator in 2010, so his income will get a healthy boost in the coming years. But make no doubt about it - this is a huge coup for the Mountaineers. To not only get the hot name but take him out from under their arch-rival is a very proactive move that could pay huge dividends in the very near future. 2011 might be incredibly awkward, but that's a problem of their own creation.

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BURGH08 said...

I can't believe Stewart will coach this team through next season, or would want it if Im a WVU fan.

I'm willing to wager a beer this sets up the stage to have Stewart step aside after the bowl game or during the offseason.

The first game WVU loses in '11 will have fans howling for his head and/or questioning how the 'coach in waiting' would have handled the situation, and who could blame them?

Wintermute said...

Maybe Pitt should go after Stewart. Revenge can be a good motivator.

Bababooey said...

I was thinking the same thing about Stewart going to Pitt. Is it possible for him to just step down, knowing he won't be in the picture after Holgorsen takes over? Then just take the Pitt job? At this point what does Pitt have to lose?

I think it would kind of be like an addition by subtraction...Pitt is already losing recruits. If Stewart comes what are the chances some decent WVU recruits/players transfer..

Borsk said...

I'm no WVU fan but I can see this scenario happening if I know sports fans as well as I think I do:

Any time the correct offensive plays are called, Holgorsen will get 150% of the credit.

Any time a series blows up or doesn't work it will be because "Stewert is interfering with the play-calling" (or some similar criticism directing at the HC).