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Changes for The Fan Website

As you can now see, CBS corporate recently made some changes to their local websites, changes that trickled down to yours truly.

The respective sites of The Fan, KDKA-TV, and KDKA-AM have all been rolled into one site, as is the case in other CBS markets. All of my previous posts should be moving over to the new site if they're not already there, and this is also where you will find them in the future. The "Mondesi's House at The Fan" feed will be found here for those of you into that.

As for the content I'll be posting on the new site, "Best of the Web" will be sticking around through the transition, and we may be rolling out some other features once I get up to speed on the new system. And as always, thanks for your continued support in making this little partnership a success.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):

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