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Today I'm rolling out the new column I've been working on for 93.7 The Fan, entitled, "Best of the Web". It's basically the marriage of a few concepts I've used over the years all rolled into one as a giant, weekly collection of the web's most interesting and popular links and videos.

The first installment includes more than 20 links and videos, so it should keep you busy for at least a few minutes. It's mostly Pittsburgh-related, but a few funny NFL, NBA, and MLB links managed to slip in as well.

You'll also notice that a few links are "repeats" from MH, but that's due to the fact that this will be tied into an on-air feature with the station and I wanted to include those for the radio side. (I'll pass along info on the on-air part of this as soon as it's finalized, which should be very soon).

So check it out, give it a test drive, and as always, tell me your likes and dislikes. Also, I wanted to put the word out to fellow Pittsburgh blogs that I'm especially interested in linking your unique-angled posts for future offerings, so please shoot me an email and link if you think it could be a good fit.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc:

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