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Video: Terry Bradshaw Would've Gotten Rid of Roethlisberger

At some point along the line, the relationship between Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger went South. And boy, did it ever. 

Bradshaw continued his harsh criticism of Roethlisberger today on the Fox pregame show, saying that he would've gotten rid of the troubled Steeler QB if he owned the Steelers and closing with a loud message to the NFL's "young guns". Said Bradshaw: "There's gonna be three letters attached to your name. Make 'em be NFL...and not TMZ."

Steeler fans might agree or disagree with Bradshaw's statements, but the point is this: he is only doing what he's paid to do. Bradshaw's job is to give opinions as he sees them, and in this case, he is not seeing things in the same way as the organization's decision-makers. It might make things a little awkward the next time he's covering the team in Pittsburgh, but awkward situations in the city are nothing new for Bradshaw.

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


BURGH08 said...

Of course he is entitled to his opinion, but I remember reading in one of his three autobiographies of how he was a lousy husband in his previous marriage. Of course, he was married two or three times so I don't know what that was in reference to.

I also wonder how much he has been there for his kids (both girls) in their development and going through divorced parents, one being famous doing the speaking circuit, etc.

Ben is a dirtbag, but Bradshaw's personal life reads like a bad country song.

Chip said...

Getting divorced isn't the same thing as being accused of rape twice in a calendar year. To put those two in remotely the same context is retarded.

The source of his hatred for Ben is pretty easy to understand. He said, "Ben told me he wants to break all of my records." and then evidently Ben blew him off when he told him not to ride the motorcycle. He treated Terry like crap. Terry holds a grudge. That happens when you treat people like garbage.

Terry Bradshaw was the greatest QB to ever play for the Steelers. I will be happy to see Ben behind center in 5 weeks but I will never ever respect him like I do TB.

okel dokel said...

Agreed! Ben is a dirtbag. Bradshaw changes his opinion like the wind.
Trust me next year he will be talking about how he would have given Ben a second chance.

Hey Chip! How about dropping the use of the word retarded? You sure drop it in a lot of your posts and it is stunning coming from someone who pontificates from such a moral, and superior, high ground.

Grace said...

I thought Bradshaw's comments were spot on. Where can I get a ladies cut Bradshaw jersey???
Roethlisberger is the lowest of the low. This will be the first time in my life that I will not watch Steelers football but I cannot watch any game where a piece of filth like Ben is on the field.
The Rooneys needs to remember that families watch the Steelers - those families include mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

AB said...

Three words: Jealous Old Man.

Ben is so much better than Terry ever was, make so much more money than Terry ever will, and is in the process of erasing Terry from the record books. Bitterness and jealousy are unbecoming.

Oh, and so is slander. No wrong doing on Ben's part has ever been proven, and I'm sure Terry at some point got drunk, and maybe even hooked up with a girl.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for Terry, when it's all said and done and our grand children look at the history books they will see that Ben Roethlisberger is above Terry Bradshaw on the Steeler's franchise quarterbacks.

The sad part? Terry knows it.

Casey said...

Ben aside... I cant get over the romantizing of the relationship between Terry Bradshaw,the Steelers and the Steelers' fans. Have you forgotten his 20 year estrangement just because the Rooney's wouldn't retire his jersey? Or the fact that he didn't attend Art Rooney's funeral because he was so angry with the organization. On more than one occaison he called Pittsburgh woman fat and unattractive. Please...

Borsk said...

"The Rooneys needs to remember that families watch the Steelers - those families include mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters."

You mean the fans that show up and watch James Harrison play?

Saw plenty of wives/sisters/daughters wearing #7 jerseys at Heinz Field on Sunday.

BURGH08 said...

"Getting divorced isn't the same thing as being accused of rape twice in a calendar year. To put those two in remotely the same context is retarded."

I never said it was the same, that's why I said Ben was a dirtbag. Nice reference to "retarded" though. Stay classy.

However, when he is talking about being 'responsible' or being 'reckless', I think being a lousy father and husband can be an example of the statements he made. He has admitted to not being faithful when married and/or there for his kids all the time. Is that responsible? Is that reckless? Is that disrespectful to a woman?

I'm fine with him making an opinion, though I think it has less to do with what Ben did to a girl than not kissing his ass.

BURGH08 said...

BTW, Grace, I think you are full of it.

Spatula said...

Ben did the worst possible thing -- he got accused of something. Yep, that's logical.