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Torn Meniscus Sidelines Dennis Dixon

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed what you could of The Dennis Dixon Experience, because it's come to an abrupt halt after he suffered a torn lateral meniscus on Sunday against Tennessee.

Ed Bouchette of the PG reports that the injury should sideline Dixon 3-5 weeks, effectively ending his brief tenure as the team's starting quarterback in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger. Dixon was 22-for-32, with 254 yards, no touchdowns and one interception this season. The Steelers won both contests, but Dixon never really looked totally comfortable, making some questionable decisions and appearing to be trapped between the QB he wants to be (making plays with his legs) and the QB Bruce Arians wanted him to be (keeping  running to a minimum).

As it stands right now, Charlie Batch, of all people, is the last healthy man standing at the position. Batch was treated as an afterthought throughout training camp, getting limited work and actually starting down a release before Byron Leftwich injured his knee in the preseason. 

As for the dinged-up Leftwich, he was re-signed by the team yesterday and could possibly start against his 2009 employer, Tampa Bay, on Sunday. In either case, the Steelers will be starting an immobile quarterback behind a makeshift offensive line that's already given up seven sacks. Of course, the way their defense is playing, they could probably sign Jamarcus Russell off the street right now and still get a win.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

How come the "You might also like" section at the bottom of each post always has old posts that have nothing to do with the current post?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Is there any reason to keep DD on the roster now? He won't be back until Ben is back, & as sad as it is, he proved he's not better than Charlie Batch at this point in their careers. He did nothing to create any trade value, and he's not looking like a #2 QB anytime soon. I'd move to cut DD and keep Leftwich around as the #2 until he calls it quits and draft someone to hold Charlie Batch's clipboard next season.

Maybe that's just me, but i see no more value in keeping DD around at this point.

Steve said...

HRFBTM - I was thinking the same thing before final cuts were even made. I never saw anything in Dixon that even qualified for a 2nd string role and with an experienced Leftwich just signed to an extension and Batch knowing the offense better than either of them, Dixon was the odd man out.

The 2 games he started just reinforced my opinion and even his one asset as a QB capable of moving the marker with his feet if needed has been blown up in a harmlesss looking scramble. I'm still not sure how he even got injured...makes Batch look bullet proof.