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Friday News and Notes

Here's a dozen links submitted for your approval, including a Big Ben sighting, a Steeler cut getting a look elsewhere, Hines on Dixon, a Penguin value signing, Dan Hutchins on Utah's kicker-icing, Penguins ink sleeve tattoos, and much more...

HINES WARD says Dennis Dixon should 'be Dennis'. As opposed to...being Kordell? [Trib, MH]

BEN ROETHLISBERGER is working out at Hampton HS, reports a jogging Colin Dunlap. [PG, Twitter]

SUNNY HARRIS got a recent look from the Baltimore Ravens, but no deal. [Yahoo!]

The PITTSBURGH PENGUINS will open training camp to fans at the Consol Energy Center on September 18 and 19. There is no charge to attend and vendors will be on site, which is probably one of the reasons there's no charge to attend. []

SI's Allan Muir on new Penguin MIKE COMRIE: "He could end up being one of the best value signings of the offseason." I like the sound of that. [SI]

Pitt K DAN HUTCHINS spoke out about Kyle Whittingham's numerous ice-the-kicker attempts late in the fourth quarter last week:  "I was pretty upset. I was like, 'C'mon man.' I made that first one. Let's take it to overtime the right way. It was pretty nerve-wracking. I didn't know he called any of those timeouts until my players told me." [Trib]

Here's everything you need to know about Pitt's opponent on Saturday, the New Hampshire Wildcats. I know one thing: if Pitt loses this game, you might as well cancel the rest of the season. [Area 4-1-Zoo]

BRIAN BURRES has earned a spot in the Pirates' rotation for the rest of the season as a result of Jeff Karstens likely shutting it down. []

And speaking of Pirate rotations, MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at the Pirates' 2011 rotation. I see a lot of Cy Young potential! [MLB Trade Rumors]

NEIL WALKER for NL Rookie of the Year, says Mark Madden. That's a cause we should all get behind.  [WXDX]

Don't forget that the PITTSBURGH GREAT RACE is coming up towards the end of the month

For the edgy Pens fan that isn't really all that edgy...Penguins ink sleeve tattoos! [Kiss Morning Freak Show]

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Chip said...

The Pirates are definitely going to non-tender Duke. That means he's going to leave just like Capps left last year. And Senile Smizik and a bunch of fans whining that our rotation stinks will be in an uproar that we let one of said stinkbombs walk. Yes, I'm preparing for the stupidity and hypocrisy now. Pittsburgh baseball fans are the most ignorant fans in America.

And speaking of ignorance, I really REALLY am hoping Dixon plays lights out these next four weeks. It'll be amusing to see what kind of racist garbage Madden can spew out in the name of protecting his butt buddy Roethlisberger.

Steve said...

No hypocrisy here Chippy. The rotation stinks with Duke and it'll stink without him. Sorry, but the only people who think Duke (duck I says) is someone we should hold onto, are the same ones who think Dixon is a credible option at QB.

Whining that our rotation stinks? You mean it doesn't and if it does (which it does) real Pirates fans should be just fine that and keep waving the pom-poms? There's blind optimism and then there's just retarded Chip and you're really pushing the later by criticizing anyone who has a negative opinion of the Pirates.

I'm starting to think you're simply a PBC plant here to create counter-intelligence. What's next, it wasn't an 8-1 loss, it was a weather balloon?

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

You mean the game against the Nationals that was followed by two pretty nice wins against the Braves? They've had some pretty decent series against some good teams in the majors. And have been blown the hell out by some other teams.
Thing is, I don't see your point. Where they supposed to contend with this patchwork rotation? Or were they supposed to just muddle along in the middle of the pack.

I like what i see...the nucleus is learning how to win (albeit sparsely) together, and if we can throw a #1 overall pick in next year to boot, so be it.

If you hate the ownership and/or team so much, why do you spend so much time bitching about them?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

LMFAO@ learning how to win!Wow, 2 wins against the Braves and all of the sudden they're on the right track?!?!?!

Well, let's not forget about losing 7 out of 9 prior to that series. With last night's loss, that's 9 losses in the last 13 games!

That is definitely a winning culture.