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15 Thoughts on Steelers-Bucs

I must say, that was a pretty enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. For my game recap, please visit the Fan website for 15 Thoughts on Steelers-Bucs. Who gets the coveted Sad Trombone this week?  What fun stuff can I dig up on CBS announcer Gus Johnson? Who do I think should be the starting QB next week? There's only one way to find out!

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Anonymous said...

any other MH readers hate the fact that they now have to visit The Fan for this every week?

Anonymous said...

Yes! I don't typically do it.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I don't typically do it.

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Great writeup, I like the sad trombone. That needs to be there every week.

Sorry you're too lazy to click on a link to read an article.

Dom Errico said...

It's not that Don is getting a lot more exposure by being on the Fan which is going to bring more people to this website to comment on things.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is annoying going to The Fan website for this stuff

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Anything that helps out guys like Don, or the guys from ThePensblog or Chas from PittBlather is fine by me.

As for the Steelers, they're good... REALLY good.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am glad to see the Steelers playing so well right now. Tomlin has done a tremendous job getting their minds right and getting the most out of his guys. But I am just having trouble getting too excited over pro football anymore.

I am growing tired of the NFL and sports fandom as a whole, though. I love sports. Especially the Pens, Steelers, Pitt, and even the Buccos. But it is just so much harder for me to enjoy being a fan now as opposed to when I was a kid.

Maybe I am the only one, but I think that with the ridiculous player behavior, the unrealistic world the athletes live in, their salaries, and the interruptions every 10 seconds for a splice of an NFC West showdown or an Ad for Belushi's new show, it is losing it's appeal.

Last week, had 2 seperate polls pertaining to convicted Felon Vick. One was whether you would root for or against him and the other was if you would rather have him or Big Ben as your QB. 64% said they are rooting for him and 59% said they'd take Vick over Ben as their QB.

I really think that is a sad reflection of how a little on-field success can totally change people's outlook on somebody like that. It's not like he was wrongly imprisoned or stole a loaf of bread to feed his family. He PLED guilty to a FELONY and was convicted for knowingly and actively participating for a long-term period in an ILLEGAL and disgustingly inhumane practice. I know that certain athletes garner community support baseed on aspects of their genetic make-up, but I really can't believe how easily people either forgot or just don't care.

But judging by those ESPN polls, I am in the minority.

Spatula said...

Seriously? Clicking on a button is too difficult? Are you part of some weird psychological experiment where clicking on the mouse buttons give you a "mild" electric shock in your gonads?

Joe E. said...

@Dominic Errico
One thing that is missing now that Don is part of "The Fan" is his opinion on the current state of sports talk radio in Pittsburgh.

Dom Errico said...

I'm willing to give mine. 1250 ESPN went down the tubes for three reasons.

First of all their signal is total crap. Once The Fan went on the air and people had a clear FM choice, it was only a matter of time, in this case a few months, before 1250 was done.

Second of all, 1250 ESPN focused on hosts that were the opposite of what Mark Madden brought to the table, the only problem with this, and the ratings show it to be true, is that people LISTENED to Mark Madden.

Madden isn't afraid to tell you what he's thinking. He doesn't kiss the butts of the callers who say the dumbest things. I heard some caller today say that a quarterback is "taught" to underthrow the receiver intentionally and at least Ron Cook immediately said "You are wrong!" Madden would have said what the rest of us were thinking and probably said something like "You're a complete idiot"

I like Stan and Guy, but it's like listening to your Grandfather and his brother talk about sports. They have their place in today's sports talk world, and I hope they replace Vinnie Richichi on the Fan.

The Fan has a chance to snap up a few key people from 1250 ESPN and I think they would really boost their prominence even further.

Third reason, ESPN had to carry some national programming. This city prefers to talk about Local sports and local sports only. That's why Colin Cowherd only lasted a few months before local programming replaced him. Again this was an area 1250 suffered in because of their ESPN obligations. The Fan came in all local all the time and didn't take long to tie ESPN in the ratings.

The Fan needs better talent on some of its shows but the concept is sound.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

So... i guess most of the commenters don't read the links in the 'news & notes'? Or do we just hate the Fan? I have no problem clicking a link, but i'm not willing to support the fan enough to comment on THEIR site.

Can we all realize that Charlie Batch made HORRIBLE throws on BOTH of Mike Wallace's TD's? We do realize that, right? Let's no suck his balls and say that he gives us a better chance to win against Baltimore than a healthy Baby Byron does.

I also think it's dumb to compare Homes to Wallace at this point in the season/their careers. Who's to say Holmes won't have better numbers at the end of the season than Wallace despite missing 4 games? I don't expect it, but you might as well say Wallace is better than Troy Edwards and my grandmother too, as neither of them have caught many 40+ yd balls so far this season. And you act like dumping Holmes made room on the roster for Wallace... ???

Keis' TD was a thing of beauty. It's always cool when he gets to show off his athletic ability.