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Troy Polamalu Sets the Record Straight on His Twitter Account

This weekend, I linked to a Trib story talking about Troy Polamalu's Twitter account, which included a quote from Polamalu that said, "It's not me at all," referencing his popular online feed.

Well, that's not entirely true, as #43 directly addressed my recent post on his Twitter page today.

"In reference to this article, I assure you that I send out all tweets except for those that begin with "update", said Polamalu, linking to the MH story from Sunday.

So basically, it goes like this: when the word "update" precedes the tweet, it's usually something promotional that Troy is not writing. Recent examples:

UPDATE: Head & Shoulders has gone above and beyond this year by insuring Troy's locks for a cool $1 million

UPDATE: Head & Shoulders just launched a website that’s all about Troy's ridiculously full and thick hair, 

Yeah, that doesn't sound like something Polamalu would write about himself.

Otherwise, the words are Troy's. That would be tweets like this: "
Strive to live in such a way that the words "living" and "praying" are synonymous and interchangeable. A life where you cannot tell when prayers begin or end and your daily actions are but the humble words to a life-long prayer"

As I noted on Sunday, I was sort of confused at the original Trib story, so I appreciate the clarification direct from Polamalu. Consider all gray areas eliminated.

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Unknown said...

Why doesn't this article start with the line "OH MY MUTHAFUKINGOD!! Troy reads MH!!!"?? ;)