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As you know, I'm always tinkering with the site's look and layout. After a few trial runs over the past month, I think I'm finally set on how the fall/winter will go. A few notes:

-First and foremost, I am pledging today to make better, more efficient use of Twitter. Instead of being merely an outlet to announce when a new post is up (which is basically what it's been to this point), it will function more as an extension of Mondesi's House...kind of like the director's cut of a DVD, with all the extras and such. I'll be posting more of the great stuff that people email me throughout the day, links to other sites, etc. You can find that at

-News and Notes, or "The News", or "Today's Headlines", or whatever I've called it in the past is going to be dissolved and used only in moments when time is an issue for me. Instead of cramming a bunch of links into one post, these will be broken out into short posts or posted on the Twitter feed.

-The "read more" button allows me to get more posts on the front page without all the congestion, and it allows readers to cruise on by if it's not a story they're interested in. So that's going to stick.

-I liked using photos for the Hot Topics links at the top of the page, but that wasn't flying for readers on some mobile devices. And until I can solve that dilemma, I'll just be going with a few links at the top of the page. The purpose of that service is mainly for readers who land on specific pages and not the front page, so they can see what the biggest stories are at any given moment.

Like I said, I'm always tinkering, and your feedback is certainly appreciated. The purpose of this site is to give some opinion on the current topics in the Pittsburgh sports world,  both on the field and off, with a little humor mixed in at the appropriate times. While I may not get to every single story or game, these changes should allow me to better focus on that objective.


RuthenianCowboy said...

Dude, dig the site and the changes, but where is the increase in fast food reviews you promised?

Erik said...

My only complaint is to view the posts, I have to scroll down past the bottom of the page. Your logo takes up a large portion of the header and the newly added Hot Topics push the content even further down.

I don't think this it's optimal to have your content start below screen level.

mondesishouse said...

The header is an ongoing issue, I'm going to have to do further research to see what can be done to clean that up. Way too much dead space.

The Nerd vs. Food segments will drop in here and there, as ridiculous and borderline-gross menu items spring up and time allows. Suggestions are always welcome.

truello said...

If the logo at least went to the top right beside the text, it would save a bit of space.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Where's the free pornography that was promised to us?!

Brian said...

What I did on mine to increase readability and to also provide a quick way for visitors to catch up on the big posts of the last couple weeks is to widen the template---using one of blogspot's pre-designed ones---and making a link list at the top right with recent posts of note. The link list runs parallel to the most recent post(s) and doesn't push them down the page. That might be worth a try.