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I've drifted away from bulk link posts recently, but there's a lot to catch up on after the jump...

The PITTSBURGH PIRATES' final numbers are in: $6.5 million guaranteed for Jameson Taillon, $2.25 for Stetson Allie, and more than $12 million overall spent on the 2010 draft class. [PG] 

JAMES McDONALD allowed three hits and one run over seven innings, leading the Pirates to a 7-1 win over Florida last night at PNC. Garrett Jones and Pedro Alvarez each drove in three for the Bucs. [ESPN]

Should JOE PATERNO be driving a car?  [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

ZACH DUKE's future with the Pirates in examined in depth by MLB Trade Rumors.

MAURKICE POUNCEY was lining up as the Steelers' first-team center yesterday, splitting time with Justin Hartwig. [PG]

MARK MADDEN says Steeler fans should settle down after one preseason game. [Beaver County Times]

MARKY BILLSON, a Pittsburgh-based writer, recently inked a great piece for examining why Howard Cosell has never won the Hall of Fame's Pete Rozelle Award.

SARAH MARINCE, a Pittsburgh native and part-time anthem singer for the Pens, is a rising star in Nashville. []

HOBO JOE unveils his 2010 Pirates batting stances via YouTube

MELLON ARENA fans got a bit of good news recently, when the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission recommended a delay in the demolition to give Reuse the Igloo and others interested in saving it more time to develop alternative plans.  [PB&G]

The GIANT EAGLE in Wexford is selling Browns cookie cakes and balloons? [96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show]

Mondesi's House: The Director's Cut (more links, commentary, etc):


Koz said...

Wow your link on the Mellon Arena issue has this as one of the captions:

ABOVE: The Civic Arena from space. "Helping to give our astronauts a point of reference during space shuttle voyages."

That's hardly the only part of the article that speaks to the delusions of the author, but that might be the best one.

"Hey Commander, I think we just just turn off the Nav computer... I'm pretty sure that's Pittsburgh down there! See the silvery glint off that abandoned arena!"

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Phenomenal draft by our beloved Buccos!

First sentence of the Ed Bouchette column on Pouncey... Mike Wallace? Last season? We ran waaay more 3 WR sets than anything with a FB or 2 TEs. Anyway, it doesn't sound like the debate is "can Pouncey handle center?". The big hiccup for me is: Who would you rather have as a starting OL? Hartwig or Essex? If Hartwig can play RG, then i have no problem moving Pouncey inside. If i have to pick 2 of 3 to start out of Pouncey, Hartwig, & Essex... it's no contest. (Also find it funny how often people mention Pouncey winning the Remington... A.Q. Shipley won it too, as i recall)

DD got most of his yds after the catch which GREATLY inflates his passer rating. MM is right. It's just one game against the 2nd/3rd stringers of the team who just had the #1 pick in the draft. Time to calm down... maybe this gets DD some work against 1st stringers this weekend? maybe not? The Steelers are far more informed that ANY of us will claim to be. Let's not get all hyped up everytime some QB #10 scrambles for a first down. I REALLY REALLY like DD, but i also trust that the 'lers coaching staff knows more & is more familiar with their players than i am.

I don't know this "hobo joe", but if he can truly emulate Pedro's swing? Sign him up!

The Big Iggle in Wexford should be demolished for that! Unacceptable! They could've at least made them, then crumbled them up before placing them into the containers for sale. This is surely a sad, sad day in Big Iggle history.

Nate said...

This is a franchise-changing draft for the Pirates. We always hear about how there's lots of pitching in the system, but no ace-level talent. That all changed today. Taillon projects as an ace, Allie as a #2 pitcher. If those two pan out, having a staff of #3 pitchers from the #3 to #5 spots is a great thing.

Good to see McDonald continue to pitch well. I hope LA enjoys Dotel.

I hope Pouncey can start off the season as a center. That would make the line look a lot better if he has that ability.

Agree with Madden. It's one game, and it's not even a real game.

SmokeyMaverick said...

I still really like "bulk link posts" - I follow you on twitter, but rarely click through to see the links. I like sitting down and having 1 quick shot to see all Pittsburgh related sports links that you select. Otherwise, if these link posts become extinct, I'll have to go to Twitter, then click your name so I'm only filtered and focused on your posts, then I'll have to search for the ones with links (which I don't really see myself doing).

Just my $0.02.

Chip said...

Color me shocked that Madden is anti-Dixon. He also led the anti-Slash movement. Hmmm...what obvious physical attribute do they have in common... Way to pander to the ignorant yinzers, Mark!

Now that the Pirates have spent as much or more on the draft the past three years than anybody in MLB (including the Sox and Yanks, btw), will the "Cheap Nuttings" nonsense end? Will senile Bob Smizik write about how the team is spending the money necessary to build a quality farm system?

I would guess no and no. It's much easier to whine about the team not spending $12 million on useless crap like Xavier Nady or Bronson Arroyo than acknowledge they're doing what needs to be done. Great job Frank and Neal. This is the first time in 18 years the franchise is truly on the right track.

Finally, just blow the freakin' Igloo up. If the tree huggers want to strap themselves inside, thin the herd. I'm sick of this city being so ass-backwards when it comes to progress n'dat. We have the worst civic leaders and city planning this side of Detroit.

Nate said...

"Hmmm...what obvious physical attribute do they have in common"

They would both be very good backup quarterbacks but neither are quite starting QB material?