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A Transplanted Yinzer's In-Person Recap of the Anaheim All-Star Game

Longtime MH reader Beej of California (via the Burgh) was in attendance for the All-Star Game last night in Anaheim and was kind enough to send over some Pittsburgh-centric notes on the game:

Last night, I traveled down the 5 Freeway to Anaheim for the MLB All Star Game. I fully anticipated being one of two people sporting a Buccos hat (me and Evan Meek). In fact, I assumed that when I screamed "Let's Go Bucs" that the fans around me thought I was cheering for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Anyway, on my way up to my seats, I walked passed another Yinzer. I knew this because she was wearing a Pirate Parrot stuffed animal necklace. I will say this: I counted at least 6 other Pirate t-shirts or hats (sorry, no uniforms). And I counted a total of 0 Indians fans. I say this cause the guy I went with is a pro tribe, pro browns and now an anti-LeBron fan (how times have changed so quickly for our friends in Cleveland). 

I was quite excited, yet very confused with the singing of the Canadian National Anthem. And by the way, it was half-english half-french. I recall even at hockey games they at least sing that anthem (when they do sing it) in all-English (at least in American cities). By tradition, I had to scream "Lets go Pens" at the end of it. Again, no one in the stadium knew who I was referring to. 

The game started and we moved from the upper deck to the lower deck. It's Anaheim. You can do that there. The game was a bore fest but the highlight was when I found out that they were serving Primanti Bros Sandwiches at Gate 2. They had 12 MLB City Sandwiches (Fenway Park Lobster Roll etc). The line was about an hour long and they closed in the 6th inning so unfortunately I missed out on it. But I did try. If anyone is reading this from Primanti Bros please send me a friggin sandwich. I know Mineo's would fed ex me a pizza (cause they have before). Anyway, this was a trip definitely not worth it. Go Pens.


Nate said...

Heh, I remember one year when the Steelers were in the Super Bowl, all these displaced Pittsburghers were ordering food like Mineos and Isley's to be shipped to them for the game. Primanti's wouldn't ship their sandwiches. They said the slaw would make the bread soggy and it would be basically inedible by the time it got to the destination.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...
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Goose said...

Beej this was great! As a transplanted fan myself I really identify with the excitement that comes with seeing people wearing home-team gear. Check out my blog too.

RandomGuy13 said...

I noticed a Pirates jersey in the leftfield stand during the Homerun Derby it shocked me honestly.

Deaner said...

I think I saw the same Bucco jersey in LF during the derby as Buddy did -- it was the black alt jersey from late '90s.