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Quick Hits

THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES allowed just three hits but still managed to drop a 3-1 decision to Milwaukee last night at PNC Park. Two of the Brewer hits were home runs, one by Rickie Weeks and the other by Prince Fielder. 

The Pirate offense, so potent over the weekend, was limited by spot-starter Chris Capuano and four Brewer relievers to six hits. The result was Capuano's first win since May 7, 2007.

Brad Lincoln (1-3, 5.14) and RHP Dave Bush (4-7, 4.07) square off tonight at PNC. [PG]

MAURKICE POUNCEY's family plans to deny any wrongdoing today. [Joe Schad/Twitter]

PENN STATE has some confusion over their next "Whitehouse" game. [Trib]

ANDREW McCUTCHEN has no set timetable for his return. [Bucco Blog]

JABAAL SHEARD's high school coach calls the Pitt lineman's weekend incident "out of character". [Trib]

ANDREW STOCKEY's slip of the tongue landed the WTAE newsman on Jay Leno. [96.1 Kiss Freak Show]

JIM COLONY and GREGG GIANNOTTI went white-water rafting over the weekend. I think they survived. [93.7 The Fan]

RANDY BAUMANN of WDVE recently visited the headquarters of Mr. Skin, and posted a video tour on YouTube. [YouTube]

THE CONSOL ENERGY CENTER got their new Zambonis. []


Rege said...

I don't think that was ticket typo at all. Those templates are designed well in advance. The university probably is just redacting the white out/house due to the unexpected backlash from ticketholders. This is the equivalent of Pitt hoops having a gold out (or something like that) for a game against PSU in December then saying they goofed saying they meant UCONN.
Also, if Jabaal gets excused I hope Coach Wolf brings him onboard at YSU.

frank said...

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Speaking of Mr. Sheard... where is he and a plate glass window when you really need him?

(Yes, I'm saying I want him to chuck Frank through a window.)

JeremyT said...

Actually, I am starting to find Frank's posts to be pretty funny. It's like having a retarded bigot with Tourette's Syndrome around, which is a recipe for comedic gold. A "zambonner?" LOL. (Watch this, I'm going to set him off and see what he comes up with.)

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Adam said...

God, Mondesishouse is going down hill...

frank said...

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Nate said...

There's an old adage about feeding the troll.

frank said...

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

I'm telling you guys... ignoring is the way to go. Any reaction is a good reaction.

Here's to hoping that 'Cutch comes back soon!!!