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The Hot Button

After a relaxing holiday, it’s time to stir up some passion with another edition of The Hot Button, the new feature that marries interactive polls and opinions, with some national topics mixed in.

Among the subjects up for debate and voting: Pittsburgh athlete popularity, how the Pens should be built, Amar’e Stoudemire's $100 million contract, the Summer of LeBron, and baseball’s Midsummer Classic. The message, as always, it delivered on the t-shirt of the trust-fund-powered female depicted below: Vote or die!

The Hot Button [93.7 The Fan]

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

1) Cutch... bring back baseball in the burgh! PLEASE!
2) Ultimately A'mare's deal will be bad. Who else do the Knickerbockers have? They're not gonna win without more help. & $20Mil/yr seems a little steep to me.
3) I have NO problems with the Evan Meek selection. Compare his numbers to Matt Capps' & get back to me. I wish 'cutch could've made it too, though.
4) Voted for Miami, but i think it's down to a 2 horse race now between them & Cleve. Miami would be a redonkulous powerhouse with news breaking today that Wade&Bosh are signing there (if james does too).
5) I like sticking with the core 4. I just don't know who you could possibly get in return to improve by losing ANY of those guys.