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32 Questions Heading into NFL Training Camps

As you probably know, we're at t-minus one week until the Steelers report to training camp, so I figured it was time to get a jump-start on my 2010 NFL coverage with some questions not just about the '10 Steelers, but about every other NFL team as well.

I've come up with one key question for each team - even the boring teams - going into camp, and after hours of research I can say that this should be one fascinating season. Then again, I didn't need hours of research to tell me what I already knew.

There are storylines a-plenty, with many high-profile new faces in new places. Beyond that, we've got contract issues, combustible locker rooms, unanswered legal issues, all that fun stuff that makes the NFL what it is.

All of those topics will be covered, along with much, much more, in this week's article for 93.7 The Fan. The on-air discussion will be forthcoming, as I had a few schedule issues due to a charity event I'm attending today, but I'll update that info as soon as it's available. Until then, you're stuck with me only in written form.

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

4. TEN - That would be amazing! Not much changed since last season... so why not?

6. KC - They'll have to make sure & pack all the bags on the opposite side of the plane during road games? ZING!

7. OAK - I think Jay Campbell could have a good year in OAK. Good in OAK in '10 doesn't necessarily mean playoffs, just drafting outside the top 10 next offseason.

8. SD - Is SD having the 2nd worst offseason?

9. BUF - CJ Spiller draft pick was a waste for the Bills. Of all the positions they needed to get better at, RB had to be ranked 24th! I hope/think he'll have a good NFL career, but Buff needed help elsewhere.

10. MIA - I like the matchup of Henne/Marshall. I think this could be the year that the hated Pats finish 3rd in the AFC East.

13. CLE - All he has to be is an upgrade over Brady Quinn &/or DA. Not too high of a ceiling. I was thinking Seneca Wallace would be the guy & maybe he still will be.
(typo - Quinn's in Denver)

14. BAL - Boldin to the ravens DOES scare me. I'm not gonna lie.

15. CIN - Ha

16. PIT - Right, if baby byron is 4-0 with 4 300 yd, 3 TD games... Ben starts game 5, because Byron is Byron & Ben is Ben.

17. DAL - Always preseason champs!

23. MIN - The question that had to be asked... but gets an audible groan from me. The only player to ever win the 'comeback' player of the year award without missing a snap the season prior.

29. AZ - I think that losing Dansby is bigger than most people are making it out to be. This is SF's year to win the NFC West & i don't see AZ as the Wild Card. Tough break golden child.

30. SF - Maybe they should sign JaMarcus? As long as they're stockpiling #1 overall picked QBs, they might as well not half-ass it! Seriously though, i feel this is the year for Alex Smith to step up. We'll see.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I would have to add to 17 that SD is always preseason champs, as well. It seems like every year, SD is always the best _________ (instert current record here) team in the league according to the omniscient ESPN pundits.