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Lots to cover in today's headlines, including the oh-so-rare nationally-televised Pirate game, a Pitt player who needs a favor, a new Pirate song, a Steeler drinking too much Grey Goose, Ravens rulebreaking, another Pitt recruit, and much more...

Jeff Karstens will be pitching before an overflow crowd tonight as the Pirates take on the Washington Nationals at 7:05 on the MLB Network. He'll be matched up against some guy who's never even started a Major League game. []

The Pirates seemed rather dismissive when discussing Strasburg, but we're missing the really big story here -  it's our first shot at Matt Capps! [PG]

Tray Woodall is looking for someone with a pick up truck that he can use to move couches. He also had a conversation with Troy Polamalu recently and didn't even realize it. Long story short, if you're not following the Pitt basketball players on Twitter, you're missing out on some quality entertainment. [Twitter]

Meanwhile, Steeler DB William Gay is staying busy, per his latest "tweet":

"AA meeting....hi my name is William Gay and I drink too much grey goose and 1 of my wine diet" [Twitter] 

John Harris of the Trib became the latest member of the Pittsburgh sports media to use the phrase "won a Super Bowl with someone else's players" when describing Mike Tomlin in his latest column.

Like I said the other day, which I will repeat verbatim: Some folks like to discount that by saying Tomlin won "with Cowher's team", but I would combat that with two facts: Cowher guided the Steelers to a very disappointing 8-8 record in his last season, and Tomlin had to win over a veteran locker room and establish new rules to a team that was very much set in its ways, an incredibly delicate task in the NFL. [Trib]

Jim Colony unveiled a song about Brad Lincoln this morning on The Fan, on the heels of Joe Starkey's recent tune about Aki Iwamura (and John Fedko's version). There must be quite the musical vibe in that studio these days. [93.7 The Fan]

LB Ben Kline of Dallastown HS in York, the #41 OLB in his class according to ESPN Scouts Inc., committed to the Pitt Panthers on Monday night. The 6'2", 220-pounder also considered West Virginia, Rutgers, Connecticut and Michigan, but rumor has it that Dave Wannstedt's mustache broke the tie. [Trib]

PNC Park was recently named the 10th best ballpark in the majors by Fox Sports.

10th? I mean, I know the Pirates have had some hard times, but I can't believe there are nine ballparks better. [Fox]

The Baltimore Ravens have been ordered by the NFL to cancel their final offseason training camp because of a violation of workout rules. The Ravens, a team built on the foundation of rule-breaking players, breaking rules? I won't hear of it. [ESPN]

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Zarg said...

Today is the life only survival time?

What is that supposed to mean my glyph scribing friend?


Unknown said...

The AA comment by Gay might help explain his performance on the field...

the nigerian nightmare said...

Nice to see that a 5 year old would have a greater understanding of the English language than Tray Woodall........William Gay's tweets on the other hand were surprisingly legible.

Yinz Daddy said...

Jeff Karstens looks exactly like Brian Peppers in that picture. Don't know who Brian Peppers is? Look it up.