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Introducing "The Hot Button"

I'm pleased to announce that effective immediately, I'm writing a second weekly feature for 93.7 The Fan, and the debut installment is available right here. It's called "The Hot Button", and it's basically a pumped-up version of our weekly Paris Hilton-hosted polls, but with more of my opinions and takes on topics beyond Pittsburgh sports.

In our first run, I take a look at several controversial topics in the sports world, including an extended look at the courtship of LeBron James, Carlos Zambrano's well-publicized  and controversial dinner with Ozzie Guillen, the NFL going to an 18-game schedule, Stephen Strasburg's All-Star credentials, and how the loss of Willie Colon might affect the Steelers in 2010. 

Much like in the MH version, you can vote in online polls, and as always, you can also tell me how wrong I am in the comments section.

The Hot Button [93.7 The Fan]

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Kevin said...

unrelated to this, but i had to respond to our friend at pirate report’s most recent post about us being happy we’re not cubs fans. i posted it on his board under the only active section “free agents” but he took it right down:

Pirates Report: Since you eliminated comments from your articles (wonder why), I’ll have to post here. I frankly couldn’t give a flip less about the Cubs’ futility, or how many playoff games the Steelers won prior to 1971. None of that changes the fact that the Pirates stink. They’re a laughingstock, and there’s no sports fan in America that envies us. Our 18+ yr losing streak is reaching unbreakable territory. Since we last finished above .500 (not a particularly lofty goal, is it?) the Marlins have come into existence, won a WS, tore that team down, rebuilt, won another WS, tore that team down, and are today far better than we are. And in the midst of this, I’m somehow supposed to take comfort that I’m not a Cubs fan? What a joke. The only thing more pathetic than this organization has been is the fact that some “reporters” on the Nutting payroll somehow can’t muster up a word of criticism while we’re some 24 games under .500 before the All Star break.