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Rep. Tom Rooney is a Republican Congressman from Florida, a graduate of Washington and Jefferson College, and a JAG Corps officer in the Inactive Ready Reserve. He also happens to be the grandson of legendary Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney. So when he opens his mouth about anything related to this particular NFL franchise, his last name plus his thoughts equal a newsworthy story (or in this case, something worthy of the coveted "breaking" news tag, at least in the eyes of TMZ).

During a recent stop at a Florida high school, Rooney was asked about his favorite football team -- to which he replied, "The Steelers, I have no choice ... but our quarterback is still an idiot."

As far as I can see, Rooney has no involvement or connection with the Steelers, other than his bloodlines. His career has been devoted to the military and to politics, not 40-times and salary caps. But everyone has an opinion on Big Ben, and when you're the grandson of The Chief and say something bold, that opinion is going to make some headlines.

Congressman: Big Ben is an 'Idiot' [TMZ]

All in the Family for Rooneys ... Just Don't Mention Roethlisberger [Sunshine State News]

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getfreshdesigns said...

I still don't think Ben is an idiot, if I was 28 and single I'd be out at bars too trying to get laid. At least isn't married, I wonder if the good republican representative has any skeletons in his closet? I'm betting yes.