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We've got many a hot-button issue to tackle this week, so as Paris' t-shirt says, it's time to Vote or Die!

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SmokeyMaverick said...

With your Pirates Poll Questions, can you add more options?

For example, on the Charlie Morton question, I didn't vote. The option I would've liked to vote for? "Who is Charlie Morton?"

Unfortunately, I'm being completely serious here.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Wait, we're mostly current or ex-Pittsburghers.... why do so many of us oppose the cold weather Super Bowl?? Man up! I think it's awesome!

I say let every city host one. If podunk Indianapolis can get one, and "our city's on life support" Detroit can get one, and now there's one in cold New York (errr... Jersey), why not have one in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Green Bay?

If he comes cheap, Guerin's worth it. He can get it done on the 3rd line even at his age. But for the love of God, don't have him be Sid or Geno's "top flight winger" again!

Went to two straight Finals and one won of them. No, our GM is not overrated. Results, results, results.

Blaming John Russell for anything that's gone wrong is like supplying a chef with a pile of poo then getting angry when he can't turn it into a 5 star meal.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I voted no on sending Morton down to the minors because I really want to see how many games he can lose.

I don't blame Russell for the overall W/L totals, I don't like the way he manages. They don't try to bunt runners up in close games, he leaves the pitcher in to bat too much, etc. Also, the amount of success opponents have in stealing against us is unreal, especially considering our manager is a former MLB catcher.

Steve said...

Ok, I realize a lot of people like Billy G. He's a likable guy and I was a big fan of bringing him back after last season too, but I don't know what definition of “right deal” is worth having him back for next season, unless he's willing to make about half a million less. Guerin would be a luxury on a team that already has some depth at wing, which the Pens don’t. We need to unload a couple of our old 10-20 goal wingers for one 30+ goal winger and see what guys like Letestu and Tangradi can do next season.

There was times watching Guerin this season that I was getting flashbacks of John LeClair before he was unceremoniously dumped. The Pens are a Cup winning team and don’t really need the veteran presence as much as they used to. They have some young players who already knows what it takes and obviously Guerin’s being there didn’t help them from under-achieving in these playoffs, so why would it help next season.

Guerin’s not a 3rd line player either, not on this team, especially when there are better, younger players for that role already here. The only player we need to bring back for the 3rd line is Cooke.

Unknown said...

Runners caught stealing is not on the manager, it's on the catcher... Doumit has been big with a couple dingers lately which gives more reason to trade him to an american league team who is in need of a DH, we could probably get a minor league pitcher projected to be major league ready by 2015 for him.

Also Billy G, who is a much better for the team the roberts was, should return. Locker rooms guys like Billy are gonna matter when the team bails on bylsma in february...

Steve said...

Just because Guerin was maybe better than Roberts in his final season here doens't mean Guerin should come back either. By the way, Roberts had 2 goals in his first game of the playoffs against Ottawa and outside of Crosby was pretty much the best Pens player in that series. Can't say Guerin was even close to Roberts in his effectiveness in these last playoffs.

You really want to see Guerin on Sid's line again? Where would you play him? Yeah, Billy was a real force in the locker room this year. He sure got those guys in line.

tcnpsu said...

Louis Lipps...

Do you watch penguins hockey? Billy Gun is not a 3rd line winger in our system. Come on man. Think about the comparison's between Billy and the likes of Cooke and Kennedy. Do you think Gurien is going to crash the boards every shift? People who have never played hockey/paid to cover it should not be able to comment on it.