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This year's rankings of America's most livable cities are now up for viewing on, and I'll spoil the surprise by telling you that Pittsburgh has topped the rankings, yet again. Quoting Forbes, "Pittsburgh's art scene, job prospects, safety and affordability make it the most livable city in the country, according to measures studied."

The "most livable" moniker is a familiar one for the city, which took home that title in  Rand McNally's "Places Rated Almanac" in 1985 and 2007 and The Economist Magazine in 2007 and 2009.

Not once did they mention sports in that sentence, which should be an illustration to just how well-rounded the city continues to be, considering the high level of importance most of us put on that facet of our city. Regardless, I can imagine Mayor Steelerstahl is beaming from ear to ear as news of this is spreading across the country today. [late-breaking sidenote: he is]

In second place this year was Ogden-Clearfield, Utah, and in fifth, a city that I know is home to some of you: Harrisburg

The rankings were based on a number of factors, and here's how the Burgh stacked up in those categories:

Low Unemployment Rank: 73

Low Crime Rank: 15

Income Growth Rank: 20

Low Cost of Living Rank: 52

Arts and Leisure Rank: 26

America's Most Livable Cities [Forbes]

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