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Sorry to interrupt, but I have a little update on something I think may be of interest. Last week, Gillette was kind enough to offer free Proglide razors to 100 MH readers, which were promptly scooped up in no time.

Thankfully, Gillette was kind enough to extend the promotion to more readers who missed out, as they have just given me 500 more razors to offer to MH readers free of charge.

All you have to do is click on the Proglide Challenge above and take it from there.  And many thanks to Gillette for their extreme generosity in this promotion.

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dEv said...

Am I the only one that has connected all the dots here? Gillette is based in Boston and the Bruins are still alive and are sending a message to Pens fans that they are going to be shaving their playoff beards early. I ordered one despite this but hope not to use it till June.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Maybe PK Subban ordered some so he can slash another one of our players tomorrow night!

Unknown said...

As a Pens fan living in Boston, I'm pretty sure they're for the female Bruins fans needing to shave off their playoff beards.

And as much as I loved seeing the Caps take a dive in the first round, I had to frantically sell my 2nd round tickets because I simply don't have the capacity to boo an entire game of Bruins vs. Flyers.