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They scored two runs. They went to battle with a less-than-intimidating 3-4-5 of Andy LaRoche (.248), Garrett Jones (.261), and Ryan Church (.204), a trio that's hit a combined 10 home runs - less than eight individual players in the NL. (And by the way, fun sidenote: I just realized that Jose Bautista, Ty Wigginton, and Jose Guillen have combined for 40, yes 40, home runs this season.) But somehow, some way, the Pittsburgh Pirates won their sixth game over the Chicago Cubs in seven opportunities this season, by the final score of 2-1. And as usual, it wasn't easy.

Ross Ohlendorf, who has been the victim of poor run support throughout the season, allowed only three hits and one run over seven innings, that one run coming as a result of an left fielder (Church) who doesn't understand the words "I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it!" when screamed by his center fielder. 

For his efforts on the mound, Mr. Wonderful walked away with a no-decision and continues to search for his first victory of 2010, despite giving up two runs or less in four of six starts. Maybe he can throw a perfect game to get a W. They seem to be quite prevalent these days.

Ironically, it was the aforementioned Jones that supplied the bulk of the Pirate offense on Monday, hitting a solo shot in the sixth and scoring the winning run in the eighth after a double to right. 

Neil Walker, one of the few Pirates who is hitting, had another two hits and upped his average to .321 since being recalled from Indy. Walker's had at least two hits in four of his seven games for the Bucs in 2010, and thankfully has replaced the dreadful Aki Iwamura for the foreseeable future as the regular 2B. 

The light-hitting Bobby Crosby capped off the Pirate "attack" with the eventual game-winning pinch hit in the eighth, scoring Jones. Like most Pirate wins, it wasn't  exactly pretty; but at this point, we'll take 'em if and when we can get 'em. 

The two teams lock horns again at PNC on Tuesday at 7:05, as Ted Lilly (3.63, 1-4) meets Jeff Karstens (4.78, 1-1). Offense, as always, will be optional.

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Steve said...

Jose Bautista, Ty Wigginton, and Jose Guillen? Wheeww...thank God we don't have those players to worry about paying anymore. Aki Iwamura on the other hand, now that's a player who's earning his paycheck.

The Pirates have the worst GM's in basball year after year and when Huntington's finally gone, the next one will be even worse.

Considering the only players to be doing anything noteworthy at this point are Littlefield guys (if and when they are allowed to play), even he's looking like a better GM than Huntington.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Littlefield better than Huntington? You were prob crying when Nate McLouth left town too... check out his numbers & get back to me.

I think Wiggy is a decent player, but he's long overdue to cool off. Bautista is a .230ish hitter at best. I will bet anyone in the world a million dollars that not one of these three will hit 35 HRs this year. Aki has somehow managed to play himself out of even being tradebait. Time to cut ties.

Matt said...

While Bautista has hit his fair share of dongs, he still strikes out way too much for me to say we blew another one. No way he keeps up that pace all year.

Steve said...

What has Huntington done as of yet to show he's any better than Littlefield, other than stock the farm teams with a bunch of maybes which probably 80% of won't ever see the big leagues? You still big on N.H. placing Jose Bautista on the waiver wire so we could land the great Robinzon Diaz in a trade?

Regardless of striking out or not, Bautista is still a better bat than anyone currently with the Pirates, and since Sept 1 of last year he leads everyone in the majors with 26 HR's. Ryan Howard stikes out a lot too, more than Bautista. You telling me Jose wouldn't be a nice fit in right, 3rd, or just riding the bench as a pinch hitter? I think some of you guys are sniffing glue.

Steve said...

Oh and when Pedro comes up to play 3rd this month and everyone starts talking about the Pirates future finally arriving and the turning the corner nonsense, just remember that was Littlefield's guy too.

You can all wake me when one of Huntington's players makes an impact worth mentioning at all... meaning; not a negative one for a change.

okel dokel said...

Steve - Neil Huntington was hired on September 24, 2007 and Pedro Alvarez was drafted on June 5, 2008. I believe that makes him part of the "Coon-Hunt" era.

Honestly, it does not matter who is steering "the ship" their draft picks since 1987 have been awful. 23 players taken, 5 major leaguers (Kendall, Benson, Burnett, Maholm and McCutchen), 5 pending (Walker, Lincoln, Moskos, Alvarez and Sanchez).

Matt M. said...

I don't think this has anything to do with Littlefield vs. Huntingdon. I can't speak on Jose Guillen because that seems like it was so long ago, but Bautista and Wiggington were bums with Pittsburgh, and anyone who thought they were long-term options at their positions or thought they would have crazy hot starts like they are currently is out of their mind.

Bautista: In parts of 4 seasons in Pittsburgh, he never hit better than .254 and never hit more than 16 home runs. In his longest season in Pittsburgh, 2007, he had 15 errors.

Wiggington: This guy was a rent-a-player, at best. In two seasons, he hit .220 with 5 home runs and .258 with 7 home runs while playing in less than 60 games.

Are these players who you think were long term options for Pittsburgh? Sure, they're better than Andy Laroche and Aki Iwamura. But you can't fault Littlefield and Huntingdon for trading or letting go of these drastic underachievers. Blame them for getting crap in return.

Jose Bautista and Ty Wiggington were bums in Pittsburgh, and they're catching lightning in a bottle this year. It's like when someone puts on a Pirates jersey, the awfulness seeps through their pores and causes them to be terrible.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

We just picked up a SP off the waiver wire from Toronto. Career ERA of 5.66 and a 16-21 record fits right in with the Succos!

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Who's this pitcher from Toronto? Is he supposed to be a major league add? Is it Dave Steib?

Matt said...

anyone that puts ryan howard and jose bautista in the same sentence is sniffing glue.