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I logged a lot of hours on this week's article for 93.7 The Fan, as I looked at some of the most pivotal moments in Pittsburgh sports history and how they could've turned out (drafts, games, etc.). I'm not a huge "what if" kind of guy, but once I got rolling, I  actually dug up some really interesting info.

For the on-air discussion, I'll be hashing it out with Alexander, Burton and Colony on The Fan Morning Show at 8:40 a.m. on Thursday. If you don't have a radio handy, you can always listen online at The Fan's website.

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the nigerian nightmare said...

What if........that idiot at would've kept his shitstain article about the Penguins up longer than 24 hours? Oh wait......that's what cache is for.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I saw that. Simply outstanding. Knowing the Nuttings own that site and allowed that to be published has pushed me over the edge of reason.

I said to a few friends it is time to break out the torches and the pitchforks, march on down to the park, and drag them the hell out of their offices and our city.

Clearly, this is the Nutting way of using a bazooka as flyswatter. Burkle hints that he offered $25M above market for the Rats and now the nucking Futtings are trying to take some pot shots of their own.

Walkouts aren't going to change anything; 1.) the ballpark is already half-empty 2.) you already paid to get in.

I really don't what we, as fans, can do to force these clowns out?

Form picket lines at the games to stop people from buying tickets? I doubt that will work without some arrests

Throw projectiles on to the field and act so terribly in the stands games have to be repeatedly stopped? That is too close to Philly-like behavior and we don't want kids seeing that or the franchise being embarassed further?

A letter writing campaign? Well, they just delete all the nasty e-mails I have sent, so I'd imagine the same would go for snail mail.

Bucco's fans: we need to think of something to oust these delusional tycoons once and for all.

Rege said...

What if Mario Didn't Retire the first time? Those are the lost years that keep my head scratching. Damn he wasn't even old?

RAWsvc34 said...

Fantastic piece Don.

Anonymous said...

What if the Pens had won the draft lottery in 04 and drafted Ovechkin instead of Malkin? Crosby and Ovechkin on the same line? Scary.

Anonymous said...

i think the better question is what if nick harpers wife didnt stab him in the knee the week before