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The Pittsburgh Pirates continued their embarrassing run with a 10-3 loss at Houston, raising their losing streak to six games.And more good news: they're officially in the NL Central basement.

Charlie Morton pitched three innings and gave up five runs on Sunday, lowering his ERA to 16.20. After that, a bunch of relievers named Brian didn't fare much better, giving up another five runs. The team has been outscored 55-9 during the skid. But on the bright side, at least no one got hit with a line drive yesterday. 

The 7-11 Bucs now go to Milwaukee, where they've lost 21 in a row. Sounds like the perfect remedy for a six-game losing streak. [ESPN]

ESPN Outside the Lines did a feature on Ben Roethlisberger this weekend, revealing the worst-kept secret in sports: the QB is not well-liked in his own locker room.

The piece also revisited an old story that an angry boyfriend held a gun to Roethlisberger's head, prompting him to hire bodyguards.... [Deadspin]

...and speaking of bodyguards, officer Anthony Barravecchio, another bodyguard of Big Ben who was on the scene in Milledgeville, has his job on the line in Coraopolis.

Several women, according to the GBI investigation report, said they saw Barravecchio take the accuser to the back room of the bar where she allegedly encountered Roethlisberger. A source told ESPN the vote likely would be 8-0 in favor of dismissing Barravecchio, although council president Robert Barone disputes that. A vote could come as early as this week. [ESPN]

Tim Worley, Steeler draft bust supreme, made a rare media appearance on 93.7 The Fan with Gregg Giannotti, where he talked about his troubled NFL career, how new draftees can avoid the pitfalls he faced and how he’s turning his life around through religion. [93.7 The Fan]

Jaylen Bond, a 6'7". 205-pound forward from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School near Philadelphia, is Jamie Dixon's second recruit in the class of 2011 for the Pitt Panthers.

The 16-year-old Bond, a junior, averaged 18.6 PPG and is ranked 69th among all prospects by ESPN. [PG]

Bob Smizik took a look at the players recently traded by the Pirates, and guess what? Most of them still stink. Although Nate McLouth's .150 batting average would fit right in with the Pirates quite nicely these days. [Bob Smizik Blog]

Alan Faneca, released by the Jets over the weekend, is not on the Steelers' radar, according to Kevin Colbert.

So far, the only teams I've heard that's considering the nine-time Pro Bowler are the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears. Although who knows what to expect with this new Steelers throwback-player philosophy. [Trib]

Former Penn State QB Daryll Clark has signed with the Washington Redskins, and not the Steelers, as was rumored on Sunday. [Daily Collegian]

Paul Jones was on display at the Penn State spring game on Saturday, which I'm only mentioning for the benefit of Adam the Penn State Fan. That being said, Jones did look pretty good. []

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jmarinara said...


Ben is traded next off season.

I know that I, for one, am going to have a difficult time cheering for this guy this year.

the nigerian nightmare said...

....the fact that Jones is a stud five-star recruit from Sto-Rox has nothing to do with Pittsburgh sports then?

okel dokel said...

You can keep hoping that Ben is traded next off season but I doubt it will happen then either.

The Steelers moves, especially signing a lot of veteran free agents, leads me to believe they feel there will be a lockout next year. This enables them to have "one more go" with this team.

I also feel that is why they drafted all of the linebackers. Developing 3 - 4 OLBs is their specialty and that is a commodity they cannot find in the free agent market.

Once the lockout is over this team could have a really different Perhaps there will be a new starting OLB to go along with a new QB...if you get my drift.

okel dokel said...

*a really different look.

Unknown said...


BurressWithButterflywings said...

Over the years, I have held the opinion that Ben was not the most well-liked guy in the room.

I do however LOVE that the biggest yaps in the OTL story are Mike Logan and Najeh Davenport, of all people.

I would have loved to heard what Peezy actually said, I am sure it was rivaled "They SHOT me in Denver!".

BURGH08 said...

I hate the thought of coming across like a Ben apologist, but the Outside the Lines feature was really weak.

"Najeh Davenport: Team leaders there didn't respect the fact that he didn't respect what it took to be like a champion, like a true champion. Said 60% of the locker room did not respect him."

A. True Champion, like winning Super Bowls?

B. Davenport is know as 'dump truck' for a reason. Also was charged with domestic violence. Please.

C. What about the piece E60 did on him shooting with Brett Keisel? Or when they talked about his relationship with his linemen?

Hey, I'm not arguing people in his locker room may find him to be an ass. You get that many personalities though and you are not going to be liked by everyone.

I have no problem wanting Ben as the Pittsburgh Steelers QB as a fan. As Aaron Smith but it best: why wouldn't you want him? He gives you the best chance to win.

P.S. If he gets in another one of these ho-bag incidents, I reserve the right to change my mind.

BURGH08 said...

Regarding the Pirates: I'm really glad to see this 'infusion of talent' coming up from the minors to pitch recently.

As well as to see Ryan Doumit durable enough to see that he sucks behind the plate even more than he does swinging a bat. They would have stolen more bases if the game wasn't out of hand.

Dirty Sanchez said...

Najeh Dumpenport and Mike Logan? What, Mitch Berger and Alonzo Jackson weren't available for comment? To be truthful though, when J Peezy gives a "no comment" that lets you know that no active players will go on the record about Ben.

Am I surprised that everyone has a "Big Ben is such a cock" story, not really. But hopefully he'll take all of this as a wakeup call. Color me skeptical though.

Steve said...

After the Burgh Mob is through poking Ben with pitchforks and burning him with cigarettes, I hear they will demand prohibition be brought back, all foriegn car driving communists be banished to California and the babushka be worn by all women when in public.

Only the Pirates could have positive things to say about a pitcher with an ERA over 16.00, while keeping him in the rotation to be destroyed by even the weakest of opposing lineups. Maybe they're hoping to get it over 25.00 before May 1st so he can be resigned under PA minimum wage requirements. Yup, best FO in baseball and that Nutting sure is a smart businessman.

Unknown said...

from florio...

Asked by Esiason whether Roethlisberger is well liked in the Steelers' locker room, Cowher gave an answer that sounded a little uncomfortable and suggested that what the Steelers like about Roethlisberger is confined to what he does on Sundays.

"Uh, you know, I mean, you know what Boom, I think it's all," Cowher stammered at first, before continuing, "I think we like anybody that can help us win football games."

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Ooooooh the days when Big Ben was a good little Christian boy who played for Jesus!

I wonder how he and Greg Lloyd would have gotten along? He never would have wrecked his bike, Lloyd just would have spin-kicked him in the chops!

BURGH08 said...

I read Florio but if there is someone that has a hard on for Ben, it's him.

Judge Smailes said...

YAWN...who cares if he's liked in the locker room? On any professional sports team there are guys are are popular and those that aren't. Just like the places where you work or go to school. It's a myth that these guys are one big happy family. Do you think Tom Barasso was well liked in the Penguins locker room? It really shouldn't matter to fans. If they win, no one cares if they're friends or not.

Steve said...

"He's nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm! Hanging's too good for him. Burning's too good for him! He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!"

- Hanover Fiste

nuthinhere said...

You just aged yourself :-)

I'll be humming that Cheap Trick song all night now.

RickM said...

That cop won't (and shouldn't) loose his job. The union will sue the counsel and they'll back off. Or he might resign at the councils request and get some type of settlement.

Isn't Floria a Ravens guy. I thought he was from Baltimore.

ESPN has turned into an F'ing joke. OTL trotting out Porter, Devenport and Logan? Why didn't they ask Colon, Hartwig, Essex, Keisel? Typical of the nationa media. Manipulate the story to support their narrative.