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Yes, it's still VERY early - but the Pittsburgh Pirates are already flashing some of the same characteristics that have plagued them during their 17-year losing skid in their most recent loss, a 9-3 decision to San Francisco.

On Monday night, the Bucs were without Mr. Wonderful (Ross Ohlendorf), who was scratched due to back spasms. So pitching duties went to Brian "Plaxico" Burres, he of the 6.08 career major league ERA who was currently toiling at Indianapolis. This set off a minor flurry of mediocre pitcher roster moves, as Hayden Penn was designated for assignment (and destined for a place on a future list of worst all-time Pirates), Daniel McCutchen was sent to Indy to take Burres's spot, and Joel Hanrahan was activated from the DL.

But we move back to Monday night, where Burres found himself trailing 3-0 after one inning and 6-1 after four...and the Pirates aren't the kind of team that can usually rally from that kind of hole. The bullpen let three more runs in the rest of the way, and voila! The Pirates have now given up a whopping 43 runs in their four losses: 10-2 (Dodgers), 9-1 and 15-6 (D-backs) and 9-3 (Giants).

Usually, this is the point in a Pirate loss recap where I point out the positives, but that begins and ends with two hits each for Aki Iwamura and Andy LaRoche. Let's just forget about this one and quietly move on.

Tonight, it's Maholm and Cain 10:15 PM ET, so hopefully the Pirates can keep the Giants to single-digits (although that didn't help on Monday).

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have finally slid over into the apathy column with this squad. I gave them a chance last week and I could not stomach what I saw.

Do not manufacture runs. Do not make even average plays consistently, like a routine throw from third to first. Limited fielding range. Can't keep opposing batter's hits in park. The existence of Hayden Penn. ETC, ETC, ETC.

But the future is bright!

Unknown said...

if the pirates even TRIED to be competitive, i'd be a fan....

Anonymous said...

Corey, the Pirates will gladly take your money when you jump on their bandwagon some day. Way to be another ignorant prick. Nobody cared about the Steelers when they sucked, and the Penguins only came up with their student rush program when they couldn't get butts in the Igloo. If not for incredible luck getting two of the top three players in the world in two years, the Penguins would still be at the bottom of the NHL like they were five years ago when nobody cared.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


Unless you have previously used another handle, I see you are a relatively new poster. As a result, I have cut you a little slack out of belief you are just a pot stirrer.

BUT for you to come on here and start blasting someone for giving up on the Pirates and denegrating the Steelers and Penguins in the process, I have to question whether it is humanly possible to actually type out of one's @$$.

At what point did the Steelers suck? Yes, there have been down years, not 17 straight and about 20 of the last 25. 9 of the last 10 have been .500 or better seasons for the Steelers.

The Pens struggled mightily for some time financially.Prior to that, they had made the playoffs at least 10 straight seasons.Eventually they were actually losing money, not raking it in hand over fist. They HAD to bring in lower level talent in order to remain solvent. Did they get lucky to get Sid and Geno. Hell effin yes! Anybody who gets that kind of talent is lucky.

Haven't the Pirates have been consistenly picking in the top 10 of the draft for the last umpteen years? What exaclty have they done with it? They wouldn't have even drafted a Crosby or Malkin caliber talent if it was avaialable. Have you ever heard of Moskos, Bullington, JJ Davis, and so on? Ok, they bring in Alvarez, congrats for doing your jobs. Last year, they picked a guy that wasn't projected the even go in the first round, but was willing to sign for less money that slotted for his draft number.

Ray Shero makes trades to help our team compete for a championship right now, Huntington makes trades to help others compete right now and pray that he can catch lightning in a bottle sometime in the next 5 years.

If, in the next 5 years, the Pirates turn around and actually play a meaningful game or a championship series, I will be the first to say I underestimated Opie and the best FO in all of sports. Until then, excuse me if I remain skeptical.

NickDawg said...

baseball is the most boring thing to watch period wether live or on tv..i would rather watch the paint dry on the consol energy center

anyone who comapres the bucs to the steelers has to type with their a$$

Unknown said...

um, your face is an ignorant prick!

Scott Zigarovich said...

As a pirate fan, they are truly the most clueless team in sports when it comes to drafting. They're so bad they don't even get lucky.

2009 - Tony Sanchez
2008 - Pedro Alvarez
2007 - Danny Moskos
2006 - Brad Lincoln
2005 - Andrew Mccutchen
2004 - Neil Walker
2003 - Paul Maholm
2002 - Bryan Bullington
2001 - JVB
2000 - Sean Burnett
1999 - Bobby Bradley
1998 - Clint Johnston
1997 - JJ Davis
1996 - Kris Benson
1995 - Chad Hermanson
1994 - Mark Farris
1993 - Charles Peterson
1992 - Jason Kendall
1991 - Jon Farrell
1990 - Kurt Miller
1989 - Willie Greene
1988 - Austin Manahan
1987 - Mark Merchant
1986 - Jeff King
1985 - Barry Bonds
1984 - Kevin Andersh
1983 - Ron Delucchi
1982 - Sam Khalifa
1981 - Jim Winn
1980 - Rich Renteria
1979 - No Pick
1978 - Brad Garnett
1977 - Anthony Nicely
1976 - Jim Parke
1975 - Dale Berra
1974 - Rod Scurry
1973 - Steve Nicosia
1972 - Dwayne Peltier
1971 - Craig Reynolds
1970 - John Bedard
1969 - Bob May
1968 - Dick Sharon
1967 - Joe Grigas
1966 - Richie Hebner
1965 - Doug Dickerson

Since the inception of the draft in 1965, the Pirates have only selected 3 all*stars in the first round; Craig Reynolds, Barry Bonds, and Jason Kendall. I think that has to make them the worst drafting team in the history of pro sports.

Steve said...

People have to realize that anyone willing to staunchly defend this Pirates organization in the face of almost 2 decades of constant ineptitude and broken promises, while on the brink of what stands a good chance of being their worst season ever, has to have a screw loose somewhere and/or doesn't actually mind the losing and absence of championship baseball that much at all.

In fact, these Nuttingbags might even stop going to games altogether if the team is, shall I say "normal" again. It would blow their whole bizarre loser identity to be surround by fans who expect winning and competitiveness from the team. It's kinda like when one of the unpopular kids in school starts hanging out with the cool kids and then his weird little friends want no part of him anymore.

Ahhh, I can hear the bitching if the day ever arrives..."You're not a real Pirates fan, you weren't stupid enough to sit here and waste your life and money for decades of hopelessness, lies and worthless baseball". Yup, you're damn right and unlike you, I also wait for the traffic to clear before I cross the pass the beer moron.

Pay no mind to the naive, reality challenged masochists who think there is gold at the end of the Nutting rainbow because in the end arguing with logic and facts to the mentally challenged is a pointless, hollow victory.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

but a victory nevertheless?

Steve, what is day you speak of? Perhaps a day when the Pirates return to glory? Surely, you can't be serious?

Steve said...

Burress - Don't know what religion you subscribe too, but I believe it will be some day in the distant future when I'm reincarnated as a Pirates fan at the same exact time as all the Pirate greats like Clemente, Stargell, Wagner, etc. are. Of course this might be 10 or more lifetimes from now but hey, it could happen.

BurressWithButterflywings said...


I was just hoping somebody would catch the Airplane reference, but yeah we are certainly in the same boat. Someday, in some lifetime and/or parallel universe.....

Unknown said...

hey, maybe i'm not such an ignorant prick afterall ;)

Steve said...

Nah, none of us are in this guys league...