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Pittsburgh Penguins (4) vs. Ottawa Senators (5)

Wednesday, April 14 at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
Friday, April 16 at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
Sunday, April 18 at Ottawa 6:30 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
Tuesday, April 20 at Ottawa 7 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
*Thursday, April 22 at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
*Saturday, April 24 at Ottawa 7 p.m. ET CBC, VERSUS
*Tuesday, April 27 at Pittsburgh 7 p.m. ET CBC

If we can take a break from the Steeler legal/gossip stuff for a while and actually get back to sports, Wednesday will be as good an opportunity as any to break the monotony, with the Penguins and Senators ready to mix it up in Game 1 at the Igloo.

The series tale of the tape is after the jump:

LAST 10:
Ottawa 7-2-1; Pittsburgh 5-4-1

10/12: Penguins 4, Ottawa 1
11/19: Ottawa 6, Penguins 2
12/23: Penguins 8, Ottawa 2
1/28: Ottawa 4, Penguins 1

Ottawa: defenseman Filip Kuba is out for at least three more weeks after undergoing back surgery; forward Alexei Kovalev is out for the season with a torn MCL

Pittsburgh: Chris Kunitz (shoulder) and Matt Cooke (head injury) are both questionable for Game 1; Brooks Orpik (leg) is probable

Ottawa: Brian Elliott
2009-10 regular season (29-18, 2.57 GAA, .909 Save %)
Career postseason - NONE

Pittsburgh: Marc-Andre Fleury
2009-10 regular season (37-21, 2.65 GAA, .905 Save %)
Career postseason (31-18, 2.45 GAA, .916 Save %)

Power Play 21st (16.9%)
Penalty Kill 7th (84.2%)

Power Play 20th (17.2%)
Penalty Kill 9th (84.1%)

Daniel Alfredsson (20 goals/51 assists/71 points)
Jason Spezza (23/34/57 in 60 games)
Mike Fisher (25/28/53)

Sidney Crosby (51/58/109)
Evgeni Malkin (28/49/77 in 67 games)
Sergei Gonchar (11/39/50 in 62 games)

Ottawa: Cory Clouston
44-32-6 (.573) in 2009-10
64-43-10 (.586) career
0-0 (.000) playoffs

Pittsburgh: Dan Bylsma
47-28-7 (.616) in 2009-10
65-31-11 (.659) career
16-8 (.667) playoffs

My pick:
Pens in 6. The magic switch is flipped, as Fleury bests the inexperienced Elliott in a challenging first-round series.

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

I could see a long series too. The pens are the better team, but once they decide to 'flip the switch' i think it's going to take some time to spool up and reach that top level. Erego, long series (6gms sounds good to me)... PENS WIN!

Let's go PENS!

Anonymous said...

I'll take Pens in 4. Maybe 5 if they lose game 4 in Ottawa but this thing is starting out 3-0.

So glad the playoffs are here.

Steve said...

Until I see how this series starts out whether the Pens are able or not to start playing good hockey, consistently, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes 7 and the Sens win it. Nothing I've seen from this team for the past 3-months tells me they can play good enough at both ends and consistently enough, to win a best of 7. On paper, this should be a 5 game series at the most for the Pens but hockey's not played on paper.

Honestly, I'll be happy at this point just getting through 1 period without wanting to strangle Goligoski. That would be a positive step.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Over the past couple of weeks, Sid and Geno have begun to embody an other worldliness on the ice at times. If that can carry over on a game by game basis, this could be a short series in our favor.

We have got to push the puck and maintain possession in the opposing zone longer and keep Fleury's vision clear in our own end. The Sens have guys who arent afraid to mix it up in any way. They finish checks, go to the net, and will drop the jacks too (unlike Warshington and the Wing Dings).

I hope to see the Flower back on his playoff horse tonight, as well.

Vic204 said...

The Pens have the offense to win this series in 4 or 5, but I don't see that cause of the lack of a shut down duo on the blue line. We are going to miss Scuderi and Gill throughout the playoffs. They were huge in last years cup run. Goligoski is just to inconsistent and I am not sure how the Leopold will help with this problem.

That being said I still think the Pens will win in 6 cause of the big 3, but I will not be surprised if they lose in 6 either.