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The winner has been decided in the "It's Time" caption contest, and first place goes to Bar Keep, with "It's time...for the losing streak to become and adult." For their submission,  Bar Keep receives a framed Roberto Clemente 3000th Hit photo, courtesy of The Steel City Auctions Gallery.

And to continue my ongoing "both sides of the Pirates argument" theme, I've decided to give a second, unannounced prize of a Bill Mazeroski 1960 World Series 8x10 photo to Give Me the Brandy, for "It's time... to point out that the Pirates have still won a championship more recently than the Flyers, Browns, Cubs, Capitals or Bengals."

So if the two winners can contact me at the email address below, I'll be happy to arrange the shipment of their respective prizes. Thanks to all who entered, and watch for another contest coming very soon. 

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Steve said...

Sadly, I'd trade the Pirates for the Flyers, Browns, Cubs, Capitals or Bengals. Can Ovechkin hit opposite field?

Unknown said...

I liked Mike Wysocki's version of BarKeep's submission better personally.

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