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The Pittsburgh Penguins managed to somehow blow a two-goal lead in the shootout, losing last night to the Washington Capitals by a final count of 4-3 in Washington.

After Jordan Staal tied the game at 16:54 in the third period, the teams played to a scoreless draw in overtime. The Penguins then got shootout goals from Kris Letang and Sidney Crosby, and victory seemed to be a foregone conclusion. But Marc-Andre Fleury allowed three goals on the next three shots, while Bill Guerin and Chris Kunitz were both shut down by Jose Theodore.

The slumping Penguins, who've now lost four of five, were playing without Sergei Gonchar (illness), Evgeni Malkin (foot), and Eric Godard (groin). The loss was their third this year against Washington, which goes for the season sweep in two weeks.

The red-hot Theodore ran his record to 17-0-2 in his last 19 games, the longest such "regulation unbeaten" streak by an NHL goalie in 10 years. He stopped 39 Penguin shots for second-star honors in the game.

The Penguin power-play was 1-for-5 on the night, with Bill Guerin making the most of an opportunity in the second period. Max Talbot also scored for the first time in an unbelievable 30 games.

The Pens will be off for a few days, and then it's another rival, Philadelphia, at Mellon Arena on Saturday afternoon. [ESPN]

Ben Roethlisberger's accuser did not appear for a second interview, and the case against him may be weakening, reports Andy Sheehan of KDKA-TV.

The accuser did not show up for a scheduled interview a week ago yesterday and that as of Friday she still had not come in to be questioned.

Pittsburgh defense attorney Robert Del Greco told Sheehan if the accuser doesn't come forward, prosecutors may have to suspend the investigation. "Unless you're willing to cooperate with us in the prosecution of a crime, we are not going to call this a crime," Del Greco said. [KDKA]

Benapalooza will never be coming to a video screen near you, at least not through the Capital City nightclub where the alleged incident occurred.

The bar's security footage was overwritten by its DVD system, according to Capital City attorney Carl Cansino, therefore there is no footage available. The only tape that exists is video shot by friends in the Roethlisberger entourage. [Trib]

The Winter Classic may be coming to Pittsburgh in 2011, as sources tell KDKA that the NHL has approached local officials again about the possibility of holding the game here on New Year's Day 2011. Both Heinz Field and PNC Park have been mentioned as possible homes to the highly-anticipated game, which the Penguins played in 2008. [KDKA]

Brandon Moss, a big part of the Jason Bay trade, is hitting .069 this spring and has fallen behind Rule-5 pick John Raynor on the depth chart, according to GM Neal Huntington.

Complicating the situation, Moss is out of options and must clear waivers to be demoted to the minors. And Raynor's Rule-5 status means he would have to be offered back to the Florida Marlins unless he stays on the 25-man roster all season. [PG]

'Mad Mike' Jones, a 2001 X Games gold medalist from Export, was being held at a detention center on allegations he attacked a repairman and a police officer at Miami International Airport. A Taser was used to stun Jones at one point during the incident, and it took several officers to finally restrain him. [WTAE]

The mystery Steeler fan shown below is a suspected carjacker near Pinchot State Park in Warrington Township, York County.

The suspect flagged down a 62-year-old man asking for a ride, then pulled out a box cutter and forced the driver to go to an ATM and withdraw money. The suspect then made the driver go back to the park, where he made the driver get out of the vehicle before driving away in it. []

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

That was a tough one last night, so many chances to win it but couldn't capitalize ( you decide if a pun was intended there).

I wasn't sure, however, if I was watching a hockey game or a European soccer game. What with the horns, bells, whistles, and the Europeans taking ridiculous flops to try to draw fouls, it was difficult to tell.

The Caps are a tremendous team, but they are beatable. They REALLY take a lot of dives and a lot of stick penalties and against a team with a better PP, they would have paid dearly.

I am still waiting for a full 60 minute effort from the Pens, but last night was an improvement over Monday.

Unknown said...

Its time for Fleury to cool it with the poke-checks on every shootout attempt. The Caps shooters knew it was coming.

After this tough loss, I take solace in the fact that the Pens were 1-3 against against the Caps last year too. How'd that work out in the playoffs?

Theodore is due for another collapse....

Caps "fans" probably don't understand the sport too much so they need the bells and whistles to keep them busy. I love the audible groans for every single on-ice hit or instance when a player falls to the ice. Just so you know hockey is a physical, contact sport...that sort of thing doesn't warrant a penalty ALL of time, super hockey "fans"!

Broke But Still Drinking said...

The carjacker may have been wearing a Steelers hat, but I'm guessing a Philly fan is behind it.

Koz said...

@ Tom

I agree on the pokecheck. I'm not going to go bananas here and say Fleury sucks or whatever, but I agree ghis over-reliance on his fave move was his undoing. You might be able to go to the well with lesser skill players, but against the puck wizards he was facing, he was exploited.

As far as the "how did that work out in the playoffs" that everyone keeps mentioning, that was last year. And it was a 7 game series. And this Caps team is DEFINITELY better than last year's.

Lots of Pens fans are sticking out their tongues at Caps fans and saying "beat us in the playoffs" but it reeks of insecurity. These types of Pens fans remind me of Red Wings fans circa March/April 2009. Be careful what you wish for.

Chip said...

Man, Jordan Staal is awesome. That goal he scored was unbelievable.

Not to kick Malkin when he's having an off year or to diminish the greatness of Sid but I can see why Shero holds on to Staal tighter than catholic schoolgirls hang on to their virginity. In another year or two, he might be the most dominant player of them all.

AJ said...

The Pens trap had Washington in absolute lock down during the first period last night. If only they would have been able to put a few pucks behind Theodore, it would have been a different game. It seemed like when the Pens lost the lead and were forced to press, they never settled back into their defensive game.

The Caps are obviously a much improved team, but I don't think that they could beat a team that plays that western conference style of game such as the Red Wings. At least the Pens have the experience and can play that close checking style of hockey, but they have me questioning them this season. This losing streak in what is usually their best month is concerning.

And Jay McKee scared the hell out of me every time he touched the puck. What a liability. I know he was probably a little rusty from sitting, but geeze... he sucked last night.

Koz said...


Jordan Staal IS awesome. I was really down on him after his sophomore offensive dip and boy, was I wrong. He is brimming with confidence and our most consistent player right now. The Pens are an odd makeup going with the three centers and whoever they can fill on the wings. It worked last year, hopefully it's a model that can continue to work.

Geno's gotta get healthy and get dominant. I think the only way you can put all the eggs in the 3 center basket is if they are all beasting out.

Keith Mitchell said...

Pens offense has been weak of late and the power play is lousy. They play better when they're short handed. And Guerin for the winning goal in the shoot out? Put in a red hot player like Staal. Maybe a long home stand will cure what ails them before the rigors of the playoffs.

Then again, two SC seasons in a row seems to have its effects on teams. Detroit has played shorthanded all season and is just coming on again.

Keith Mitchell said...

Oh yeah, screw that guys with his sign. Nice backwards Caps hat ass. Win something, then make a sign.

JeremyT said...

Did anyone see that commercial for that DVD titled "Washington Capitals' 10 Greatest Games?" I almost shit my pants while laughing at it. What the fuck could they possibly put in that collection? Sure as hell not any post-season games. Or, they did put some post-season games in there, only to have the viewer either chuckle or cry (depending on POV), all the while knowing that the Caps got a dick broken off in their asses shortly thereafter.

Nate said...

Staal is the man. Quickly starting to live up to his last name. When he's your team's third line center, you know you're stacked at that position.

Also, can you really call Brandon Moss a "big part" of the Jason Bay trade? He always seemed like the least important piece to me - more of a throw-in than anything else. Everyone else had upside, Moss was pretty much a known quantity.

JW said...

how many times do you think the DVD commenter had to read a voice-over along the lines of "The Capitals' stirring win gave them a 2-0 series lead, although they would eventually lose the series in 7 tight games..."

That reminds me of the old Pitt football highlight tape from the 1980s called "True Grit"--I think they went 5-6 or something that year...

JeremyT said...

You caught that too, JW? I thought I was hallucinating for a second.

No idea about the Pitt video. I'm an Ohioan and a die hard Ohio State fan. However, I do enjoy watching us beat the shit out of Penn State twice in EVERY 3 years (you hear that, Adam?), so if you Pitt fans want to laugh it up, we're happy to oblige you over here in Columbus.

Koz said...

That sign actually would have been funny 2 weeks ago before they found the gear.

Too bad it's all accounted for now.