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Evgeni Malkin will miss tonight's Stanley Cup rematch of the Pens and Red Wings with that nagging foot injury. The Pens' lines should look like this:

Matt Cooke-Jordan Staal-Bill Guerin

Chrus Kunitz-Sidney Crosby-Pascal Dupuis

Alexei Ponikarovsky-Max Talbot-Ruslan Fedotenko

Mike Rupp-Craig Adams-Tyler Kennedy

Gametime is set for 7 PM tonight at Joe Louis Arena, with TV on Versus. Marc-Andre Fleury (33-18-5, 2.65 GAA, .906 SV%) and Jimmy Howard (28-15-9, 2.32 GAA, .924 SV%) are your netminders. [Empty Netters]

Daniel Sepulveda recently spoke to 93.7 The Fan's Joe Starkey and John Seibel [audio], and had this to say about his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger:

"It's regrettable to see him struggling in the media the way he has in putting himself in these positions," Sepulveda said. "You know, it's hard to comment on that kind of thing. We're going to be there for him as teammates in any way we can be to help him through these deals. I don't know, he's a very capable quarterback obviously. My locker's next to his in the game locker room, and that's on business day, you know that's game day. So I don't think I've said more than a couple sentences to him in the three years that I've been here even though we locker next to each other, but you know it's all business on game day so you can't read into that. . . . It's tough to say, we're gonna be there for him in any way that we can be, but you know it's not cool to see him getting in trouble like this all the time."

MLB Trade Rumors runs through the Pirates' 2010 offseason moves, and a quick scan reveals that they've added Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia to an 89-win team. Whoops, that was the 2009 Yankees. But the Buccos did add Bobby Crosby, Ryan Church, and Octavio Dotel to a 99-loss team, if you're interested. [MLBTR]

Mark Madden says, "Charge Ben now or drop it" to the Milledgeville, Georgia, police department. The article also features a Jim Florentine mention, a scolding of the media (and blogs), and memos to the QB and the girl in Georgia. In other words, an interesting read. [Beaver County Times]

Colin Cowherd has put together a bracket of 64 superheroes and supervillains, yet somehow Spiderman only got a 2-seed. Can you say DC bias? []

Kevin Hart and Daniel McCutchen continue their battle for the Pirates' fifth starter spot this afternoon. Hart will go 60-65 pitches against some Phillies' minor-leaguers at 1 PM today; he has a 15.43 ERA and 13 walks in 4 2/3 innings so far this spring. I'm guessing those numbers are going to have to get better if he wants the job.

McCutchen will face the Phillies' Class AAA team at 1 PM today in Clearwater, Florida. He was scheduled to get his first Grapefruit League start yesterday against Tampa but that was rained out. [PG]

Paul Menard, who moved to Richard Petty Motorsports in 2010, will be driving a black and gold Pittsburgh paints car in 2010. Now all he needs is a horn that plays "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go" when he honks it. []

Jim Tracy and Jason Bay make appearances in some of the commercials selected for's Top 10 2010 MLB Team Commercials. These may be good, but Ronnie Florian still reigns supreme in my mind. [Rum Bunter]

Tim McNulty reminds me that today is the launch of the PG's revamped political site, Early Returns. Some of the highlights:
We are living in a banner election year. With more contested congressional races than any state in the nation, an 80-year-old incumbent in a dogfight for a sixth term in the Senate, and Pittsburghers leading the gubernatorial polls – not to mention a state capitol that is literally rat-infested – we hope you’ll continue to make us your leading spot for up-to-the-minute news and reaction throughout 2010.

Here’s some of what we’ve added:

-- A
new homepage merging the P-G’s latest politics stories with Early Returns posts from reporters including James O’Toole and myself in Pittsburgh, Daniel Malloy in Washington, and Tom Barnes and Tracie Mauriello in Harrisburg
Political Turf: PA poll aggregations by Pollster, with tabs to mini profiles of all the senate and governor candidates, and a mouse-over map of the state’s 19 congressional districts
Yard Sign Blogs: A site where anyone -- readers, pols, government officials, parties – can post their own opinions and news. (Registration is required, so heed your language.)
Party Lines: Links to Democratic and Republican party sites and voter information
-- Refurbished links to commentary around Pittsburgh, the state and nation; and video
And to close the links, one I'm sure you will love...

Top 10 Reasons Boston Will Dethrone Pittsburgh as Best Sports City in 2010 []

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Adam said...

10. Nobody cares about the NBA

8. Never knew it was the Charles river, and last I checked, we've hosted two major fishing championships in the last several years.

7. Well that's just blatantly false and this website is testament to that.

6. 2 > 1

5. Ok, they've got us there.

4. Right, because everyone in Pittsburgh is a Pitt fan. It's not like there are two far superior teams to Boston College within a short drive of town or anything.

3. When Fenway averages crowds of 20,000 after 17 consecutive losing seasons, then maybe Bostonians can lecture.

4. The Colts won the AFC and the Jets finished second, so take that and shove it Boston.

1. Hope you enjoyed the knee problems, the inability to hit with two strikes, and the fact that he left for New York. At least Brandon most still plays for us.

Bonus: Does college basketball not count? What about Dapper Dan's sportswomen of the year?

Koz said...


Reading that quote from Sepulveda is confusing.

I'm pretty sure what he meant to say was, "no comment"

Chip said...

I wonder how many players have ever talked to Sepuvleda. He's a punter. That's not really a football player. I'm sure stars like Ben and Hines and Troy have better things to do than concern themselves with a lowly punter.

Of course, we all know Ben is a dick who is despised by most of his teammates for hogging all the spotlight when they win do all the work. I don't think those idiots at Fan need to pry that info from Sepulveda for us to know it to be true. I guess they have to poke around for controversy so somebody listens to their snoozefest.

And why is the Punisher in the Villains bracket? He's a hero!

Scott Zigarovich said...


Sepulveda was a linebacker at Baylor, and he plays scout team safety for the Steelers. As a punter he is a great athlete who I'm sure commands some respect in the locker least compared to Mitch Berger.

BURGH08 said...

Was a linebacker, plays on scout team, blah blah blah.


By the way, do we REALLY know that Ben is "despised by most of his teammates for hogging all the spotlight"?

I can understand the disappointment with him over the situation, but some of the hen pecking about him is hysterical.

the nigerian nightmare said...

I like how everyone complaining about people complaining about Ben are now complaining about Sepulveda.....for complaining about Ben.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Big Ben cut massive cheese in the locker room and totally blamed it on Sepulveda.

Sepulveda rebutted "Whoever smelt it dealt it Ben!"

To which Ben answered "Well whoever said the rhyme did the crime!"

Siding with Big Ben on the issue, the other Steelers alienated poor Dan and he has never really let it go.

johnny said...


Your arguments are much better than your numbering. Some of the comments at the bottom of the opinion piece are classic as well.

Dan said...

Madden's beyond ridiculous with his endless defenses of Ben. One of the first thoughts that occurred to me when the news first broke was "Gee, I wonder how Madden's going to spin a second sexual assault accusation into Ben being a victim again." He's such a clown, thank heavens for the Fan.

Adam said...

@ Johnny

I only numbered the ones I was responding to.

johnny said...


I figured that. It just tripped me out for a second when you went from 4 to 3 back to 4 again, but I'm just busting your stones for a lame typo.

The comments at the bottom of that article seriously are money, though.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

haha, i gotta comment on the 10 reasons boston > Pittsburgh article too.
10. We might not have and MLS or and NBA team, but we do have TWO women's professional football teams!! So... take that!
9. Uggh, weak weak argument. Based on that argument, then i guess edmonton is also more likely to win the cup this year than the 'guins? Bruins will be golfing after the 1st round.
8. WTF is the charles river? If they wanted to go with better bodies of water, they could have at least brought up the cape? And in the intro: "Pittsburgh has no river that anyone outside of pittsburgh can identify." You're right man, i guess the charles river is faaarr more recognizable than the ohio. Hooray public schools!
7. What about michael keaton? And snoop dizzle?
6. OK OK, Sam is definitely bigger nationally than Arn City.
5. What about Bobby Mo in college hockey? While we're at it, college hoops doesn't count, but NBA does? The NBA is where defense goes to die. BTW, where's BC at in college hoops?
4. Boston College Football > PITT Football??? Really? ... Really?
3. Fan devotion? Go to any city outside of pittsburgh (prob including boston) and you'll easily find a Steelers bar! Not sure about Boston, but there was absolutely a few in CT when i lived there!
2. Boston prefers brady-moss to roethlisberger-holmes. I do to based on career stats, but it's 2k10 and moss/goldenboy don't have many good yrs left, whereas roeth/holmes are entering their primes.
1. Baseball argument, we can't win that.