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Pirates. Manatee CC. It's time for revenge: You may remember the Pirates' 6-4 loss to Manatee CC in spring training last year. I know I sure do. Dejan Kovacevic thought it was so big that it deserved the "Manatee shocks world" headline. And while I doubt that they were discussing the upset in, say, Kuala Lumpur, it was still pretty big news around these parts.

Well, Tuesday is the long awaited rematch, at 12:05 PM. The Pirates' fate will be entrusted to the arms of Donnie Veal and Bryan Morris, and let's hope they fare better than the Forgettable Four of Virgil Vasquez, Alan "Don" Knotts, Dustin Molleken, and blower of the save, the creatively named Dave Davidson. [Rum Bunter]

Skippy gets community service: Jeff Reed, freshly-franchised kicker and defender of public tinkler Matt Spaeth, was given a penance of 40 hours of community service today as a result of putting up his dukes to Pittsburgh's Finest in October. He's got six weeks to get the job done. Sounds like a football version of the movie "Role Models". If I ever saw a poster begging to get Photoshopped, it was this one (HINT, HINT!!) [PG]

Introducing "Mark Madden's Media Madness":
"I've never thought the media should "review" other media. A) What's to stop grudge-holding and agenda-serving? B) Who judges those who judge? The answer to the first question is NOTHING. That's certainly been self-evident. The answer to the second question is ME. With that in mind, let's kick off the first-ever edition of MADDEN'S MEDIA MADNESS, my take on issues and personalities in the Pittsburgh-area sports media. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."
The first of many victims includes the PG, the Trib, and 1250 ESPN. What I always loved about Mark was his unfiltered take on things, and trust me, there are no such filters present here. [ Madden]

Own a Jagermeister jersey: This was on eBay last week for $40, but no one bit. So it's been relisted with a new opener of $25. Wear it and immediately start dying alive. [eBay]

I knew former Pitt assistant Barry Rohrssen's team's been struggling... but you've gotta do better than 741 points on D, Coach. [from an anonymous emailer]

Gene Lamont runs over Jim Leyland's foot with a golf cart: Not a good start to 2010 for the Marlboro Man. First they ban smoking in public in Michigan. Now his assistant coach rolls him with a golf cart, breaking Leyland's toe. And to top it off, he has to live in Detroit. Ouch. []

Former Steeler Tylski in big trouble: Rich Tylski, an offensive lineman who spent 2000 with the Steelers, and his wife Jane Tylski have been ordered to pay $1.25 million to a girl they adopted and later were accused of abusing.

The Tylskis "admitted to . . . striking her with a belt, hitting her with a wooden spoon, placing 'hot sauce' on her tongue, bending her fingers backwards, and otherwise striking her."

The girl, now 10 years old, was taken from the Tylskis and now lives with another adopted family. [PFT]

Q&A with The Wannstache: Wanny talks Greg Romeus, the QB situation, Anthony Gonzalez, and much more in an interview with Brian Bennett of the ESPN Big East Blog. Good idea by Bennett not to ask him anything about Twitter pictures of cash. []

Paul Steigerwald and Jack Lambert: The College Years
: I never realized Steigy was a classmate of "#99, The Stork", as he was known back then. I also never knew Paul once interviewed Jack while wearing a "rather embarrassing softball uniform". [93.7 The Fan]

Thabeet sent to D-League: The only thing more embarrassing than being sent to the NBA's D-League is the league's name itself. The D league. Terrible. OK, there's one thing more embarrassing: being the #2 overall pick and getting shipped there, which is what happened to DeJuan Blair's personal rag doll, Hasheem Thabeet, a few days ago.

Blair is getting 7.9 PPG and 6.2 RPG while playing 18 minutes a game. Thabeet was at 2.5 PPG, 2.9 RPG, and 10.3 minutes. Thabeet was picked second and will make $4.4 million this year; Blair was picked 37th and will make $850K. Once again, NBA GMs managed to out-think themselves. [Yahoo!]

Kennywood now offering season passes: That's right, $90 gets you all the Kennywood you want. Considering that a normal all-day ticket is $36, it shouldn't take much effort to get your money's worth. [WPXI]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I still can't believe more hasn't been made out of the ridiculous amount of cash Elijah Fields had laying around there.

I mean, if he didn't get that from the university or a booster, I am pretty sure he did something not exactly legal to get it.