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At long last, the puck that Sidney Crosby put into the net to end the Olympic gold medal hockey game has a safe home.

Following the Olympics, a major controversy ensued over the whereabouts of some of Sid's gold medal-winning equipment, including his stick, gloves, and the puck used to score the winning goal. At one point, the controversy included the IIHF, Russian memorabilia collector Sergei Afanasiev, a Hockey Canada equipment manager and Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) CEO John Furlong, with gratuitous finger-pointing all around. To say the situation was a complete mess would be a massive understatement.

When Afansiev finally agreed to return the puck, the controversy was expected to die down. But that's not what happened, as VANOC then claimed ownership of the piece of historic rubber, and did not immediately agree to send it to the Hall of Fame.

But after all of this, the well-traveled puck is headed for a spot in the Hall, at least for now. Furlong suggested the puck won't actually remain in one place and needs to be where Canadians can celebrate. As we all know, nothing says celebration like staring at a hockey puck.

Golden goal finds a home in Toronto []

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