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Good news on the Evgeni Malkin injury front: X-rays done today were negative, which means nothing is broken after his leg was hit with a Kris Letang shot on Sunday against Tampa Bay. He is officially considered day-to-day.

It's the second injury bullet dodged by the Penguins coming out of that game, the first being Steve Downie's reckless hit on Sidney Crosby less than a minute into the first period. Crosby would return to play 24 minutes in the contest, but it looked like it could be a season-ender at first glance.

The Pens are off today, with no practice. Their next game is set for Wednesday night at New Jersey


TSN's Bob McKenzie says that Downie, who's got a YouTube track record a mile long, will not be disciplined for the hit on Sid. The PG's Seth Rorabaugh thinks that the lack of discipline was due to the fact that Crosby was not injured. I agree - another bad guy learns no lesson and will probably do it again in the future. Ahh, the Garage League.

Malkin not seriously injured; listed as day-to-day [Trib]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I think we all rehashed what a true piece of human garbage Steve Downie is yesterday. I am glad Sid is okay and we can move on with him in the lineup.

I am almost happy that he won't be suspended, then we won't have to hear it about how the league protects us so much.

I think I am losing more and more respect for NHL players and front offices in the recent weeks. After LeCavalier got on his pulpit and bashed Cooke for the hit on Savard, he was totally mute regarding the Downie slew foot much like he was after Koci cost Gonch half of last season.

George McPhee is crying about Ovie being suspended for his calculated and unnecessary hit that ended Brian Campbell's season, despite that being Ovie's third ejection of the season. That doesn't even take into account all of the things he has gotten away with over the years (especially that Dustin Brown blindside attempt.)

Anymore, the league is littered with whiners and posturers who worry less about playing strategic hockey and more about how outside influences are affecting them, real or imaginary. I don't recall hearing Bylsma crying to the press after Zajac clearly interfered with Fleury allowing an insurance goal for the Devils. Maybe he did, I didn't hear it, but he doesn't seem to get caught up in that garbage like Tubby in DC and that smug jagoff with the Rags.

johnny said...


Preach on, brother. Outstanding post.