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So much for Corey Haim's untimely death totally knocking Big Ben out of the news today. A new KDKA report said that Roethlisberger did speak with police in Milledgeville the night of the alleged assault and told them there was no sexual intercourse between himself and the alleged victim.

The report went on to say that Roethlisberger concedes that he did have contact with the woman that was not consummated and that afterward the woman slipped and fell, injuring her head.

In other case news developing today...

Officer Anthony J. Barravecchio and Pennsylvania State Trooper Ed Joyner, two off-duty cops, were part of Roethlisberger's entourage that night.

The lawyer for one of the officers, Michael F. Santicola, claims both cops were "completely sober" during the night in question and are "cooperating" with the investigation, although neither man has been contacted by police. [TMZ]

Steeler Willie Colon, who was with Roethlisberger on the night of the alleged incident, did not witness anything, according to his agent, Joe Linta. Linta added that Colon was on the dance floor and not close by Roethlisberger when the assault allegedly occurred.

"Willie, although he was in the building, had no knowledge of the incident and his name should not be brought up about this incident again," Linta said. "The first knowledge he had was when he was stopped when leaving the place to be asked some questions." []

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SantoGold said...

Willie got his story straight: "I don't know nothun!".

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Willie reminds me of the nieghbor in Office Space here: "No thanks man, I don't want you f@#&ing up my life too..."

I figured that no sex took place since the police said from the beginning that they were terming it a sexual assault and not a rape.

But, isn't saying you fell down and hit your head what women in bad movies say when they're covering up for the fact that their husbands beat them?

Constant Gardener said...

The more we hear, the worse it gets. It really doesn't help that he's hired the Jim Ecker of professional athletes as his lawyer-- you know, the kind of lawyer you see someone hire when they're almost certainly guilty of something bad.

So. Odds of the Steelers taking a QB in this draft?

AJ said...

Anyone else not surprised that Willie Colon was in the area when this girl's pass defense was breaking down?

JeremyT said...

Terrible analogy, AJ. By that logic, the girl would be an opposing Defensive Coordinator blaming the other team's Offensive Tackle for the defensive secondary/pass rush failures. So you're either making a failed attempt at humor, or you are crediting Colon with singlehandedly being able to beat a secondary AND pick up an entire blitz package.

JeremyT said...

I think you were trying to say: "Is anyone else surprised that Willie wasn't around when Ben needed pass protection?" Not terribly humorous, but at least it makes logical sense.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, um, all joking aside. That's pretty serious.

Even if he didn't commit a sex crime, he certainly assaulted the girl.

A good friend of mine brought up a valid point: Didn't we just get past the days when we were concerned our starting QB WASN'T sleeping with women?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@AJ - Zing!

Haha, Good point BWBFW (or friend of BWBFW)! Usually if a Pittsburgh QB does something wrong, it's that he must be gay.

Chad said...

Hmmmm....Fell and hit her head. This doesn't sound good. If true he should be kicked off the team.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Careful Chad,

I was told I am not allowed to call myself a Steeler fan for making similar statements.

If true, do you think Al Davis will tade us some First Round picks for his services?

okel dokel said...

I love how the court of public opinion has this guy guilty.

I think the plaintiff's lawyers should be worried that it will be hard to find a jury that has not been "tainted" by the constant news reports. It is highly likely this will be settled out of court.

I am not a Big Ben fan, but he, like all others in America, is entitled to his due process.

Thank God we have TMZ, Deadspin, Fox News, MSNBC and PFT who now report "rumor and hearsay" as facts. Seldom are they held accountable for anything that is proven wrong.

Also, for those of you calling for the Steelers to "dump Ben" you better consider the fact he has a contract with the team. They can probably "terminate without cause" if he is found guilty. However, if he is found "not guilty" or settles out of court and the Steeler terminate him "without cause" then they will probably be exposed to potential litigation.

What a wonderful overly litigious society we have created for ourselves.

I would think a more likely scenario is that he will be cut once any "guarantees" in his contract have ended.

I watched this play out in a major coporation where I worked. One of my co-workers sexually harassed women in the office for 5 years. The company never terminated him because they could not meet the necessary "burden of proof" and feared that he would sue for "wrongful termination."

Evidently they offered him some nice financial incentives to leave but he would not take it.

He was a first class jerk - the same thing I hear about Ben, but the guy is still employed there.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@okel dokel - Contracts don't mean much in the NFL. Teams can terminate a contract anytime they feel like it. See Coles, Lavernues for a recent example. Also, financial incentives are guaranteed day one, so Ben has already received his guaranteed money.

As for cutting or dumping Ben. Let's let the legal process play out before we all decide on an event that we were not a part of or a witness to.

NickDawg said...

but if you cut him under contract, his salary still counts toward the cap which means all they could afford to have at qb is a guy like me

okel dokel said...

I realize NFL teams can terminate a contract at just about any time. I was not clear enough in stating that some lawyer will certainly "catch Ben's ear" and suggest a lawsuit is possible if he is not guilty or culpable in either pending situation,and is dismissed from the team for something other than performance reasons.