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At long last, we can close the book on the latest case of missing game-used Sidney Crosby equipment.

Hockey Canada said Crosby's stick used to score the winning goal in the Olympics was located in Toronto as part of a shipment heading to the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in St. Petersburg, Russia. And his missing glove was apparently found its way to teammate Patrice Bergeron's bag by mistake, as the two players' lockers were side-by-side. Conveniently, I heard no other stories of missing equipment from any of the other players on Canada's roster, but I guess this is another case of the special things Sid gets to deal with as the face of the NHL.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Sidneybilia has gone missing. In 2005, the jersey he wore in his first NHL game vanished after his father made the mistake of checking it instead of carrying it on his flight. The jersey was later found in between a piece of equipment and a stairwell by a US Airways employee, with no explanation as to how it got there.

Crosby's Team Canada game-worn jersey from the World Junior Championships was also stolen in 2005. That one also turned up after a week, as it was stolen by an Air Canada baggage handler who was then fired.

As you can guess, Crosby game-used memorabilia is extremely sought-after, especially if it was used during a significant event. I couldn't even begin to put a price on his stick and gloves from the Olympics, as they are basically a part of Canadian history at this point.

Although life would have gone on if Sid never got his gear back, I'm glad to hear that all ended well in each situation. As long as 87 maintains his status as king of the sport, he will have to keep his guard up against anyone with sticky fingers. And his dad should become very familiar the phrase "carry-on".

Stick had been in Russia-bound package

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