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ROETHLISBERGER ACCUSER TO MEET WITH POLICE AGAIN is now reporting that Ben Roethlisberger's accuser will meet with police a second time in the ongoing investigation.

The accuser's reps told TMZ that they broke their silence to correct "recent misstatements in the media," saying, "Our client is cooperating fully with law enforcement in this matter. Future interviews have been scheduled and our client will attend."

TMZ also points out a discrepancy in the disappearing surveillance video dilemma, as Capital City nightclub owner Rocky Duncan told them in the wake of the alleged incident that he not only had video, but was able to describe it in great detail.

The lawyer for the club told TMZ that cops watched the video with Rocky "shortly" after the alleged incident, but cops did not take the video with them at that time, and when they returned to collect the tape, that's when they noticed the footage had been erased.

Discrepancy Over Ben Roethlisberger Bar Video [TMZ]

Ben Roethlisberger's Accuser to Meet with Police [TMZ]

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how the tide had turned, and has now turned back.

Chip said...

I wonder how much Big Ben had to fork over to get the bar owner to erase the video.

Keep paying that grossly over-paid salary Ambassador Rooney! I hope you sleep well at night knowing your money is being well-spent helping a sexual predator cover up his misdeeds.

JeremyT said...

Chip: The answer is $0. Why would Ben have to pay the bar owner money to erase a video that proves the bar served a bunch of minors, thus exposing the bar owner to lawsuits and revocation of his liquor license? The bar owner doesn't give a squirt of stale piss about Ben. But he does care about his own ass. Hence the video being mysteriously erased.

Koz said...

I'm not sure that it's mysteriously erased, though it's certainly fair to think it was.

Chances are the bar doesn't keep an extensive stash of surveillance DVDs around. The system probably records over itself regularly to save money. Someone may have just not acted n time to save the disc.

That said, either way, it's an epic fail.