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"We're very, very conscious about how we do business. We're very highly concerned about our image, perception, how we conduct ourselves, our standard of conduct. I think it's above and beyond that of our peers, and we embrace that."

--Steeler Coach Mike Tomlin, whose roster currently includes Santonio Holmes (three arrests), James Harrison (assaulted girlfriend), Jeff Reed (assaulted Sheetz towel dispenser, raised fists to cops), and Matt Spaeth (public urination). And that's not even mentioning the QB who's got a pending meeting with the commissioner.

It's one thing to keep these guys on your roster. It's another thing to act like the organization has higher standards than the rest of the NFL when their actions clearly indicate that they do not.

So please, Coach Tomlin, enough with this particular lecture. It rings pretty hollow with anyone who even casually follows your team. Winning trumps all. We get it. Just don't pretend that we don't know how things work.

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