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When Syracuse was unceremoniously tossed out of the ring in the NCAA's Battle Royale, West Virginia became the default torch bearer for the Big East Conference with their win over Washington on Thursday night. So some of us are begrudgingly going to become Mountaineer fans for the greater good of the conference.

We all know that the always-cheerful Bob Huggins is the captain of Good Ship Mountaineer. But one tidbit about Huggy Bear was recently brought to my attention that I was previously unaware of: he was a student-teacher physical education instructor for one semester at Albert Gallatin HS in Fayette County in 1977.

The Herald Standard recently interviewed longtime Albert Gallatin boys basketball coach Ray Trincia for a trip down Huggins Memory Lane, and he had this to say about the 667-win coach, who worked under him during his student-teaching stint:

“Actually, I remember him as a player first, because he played with (former Albert Gallatin star) Stanley Boskovich at West Virginia,” Trincia recalled. “Later on, Bobby came to me to do some student teaching and he was a complete gentleman. But on the basketball court he was a fierce competitor.”

Although Huggins’ time at Albert Gallatin was brief, he left a lasting impression on Trincia.

“My first thought of him was, knowing his intelligence and his determination, that this guy was going to be tops in whatever he chose to do,” Trincia said. “That was my take on him just after one week at Albert Gallatin.”

So there you go: Bob Huggins was a complete gentleman as a young man and has a connection to Fayette County. Toss in a public scolding of Mountaineer fans earlier this season and we might have something that many Pittsburghers could embrace (but only until the end of the tournament).

Trincia recalls Huggins’ AG stint [Herald Standard]

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

Huggins is soooo Fayette it's not even funny. Right down to the puking in his car

Unknown said...

F**K West Virginia. I'll never root for them no matter what. I don't care if they're in the Big East. I hope they lose every game.

Mr. Pinsky said...

Loving the Panther fans angst. Here's hoping you a$$clowns take a collective jump off the Fort Pitt Bridge. GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!

PaulDJesse said...

Gotta agree with Larry here...there is no "greater good" of the conference. Hell we don;t even know what this conference will look like in coming years.

F*** the MountainQueers