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The Big Snack will be back, according to multiple sources this morning. KDKA puts the numbers at three years, $21 million ($11 million guaranteed) for the five-time Pro Bowler, with an official announcement coming at 10 AM.

So with Hampton in hand and Jeff Reed on deck, the team's next priority will probably be safety Ryan Clark, whose agent will meet with Omar Khan at the combine in Indianapolis at 5 PM on Friday. He is not expected to get any sort of tag, which would cost the Steelers $6,455,000 as a franchise player or $6,011,000 as a transition.

Like I was saying the other day, this is what the Steelers do. They lock up and reward (key word) their own guys, not chase fading stars. In Hampton, Reed, and Clark, you have a combined five Super Bowl rings and countless contributions to Steeler wins remaining in the fold.

And by the way, when I was talking LT the other day and I said he would have a hard time accepting a different role? Then you'll probably want to read the story where he says he can play for four more years.

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Dan Claycomb said...

Love the deal for Hampton, 3 year deal is perfect. I would like to see how much is not guarenteed in year 3 to see if it's likely we'll release him before then but the deal is great.

Also after reading LT's comments, I'll join the majority of the crowd and say nevermind. I think in a limited role he can be effective but not as a starter.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Good deal for the large snack. However, a replacement still needs to be drafted. Just maybe it doesn't need to be in the first round anymore?