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It's a big day for at least two of the men in this picture, with Casey Hampton's new deal announced earlier today and the recent news that kicker Jeff Reed will be designated as the Steelers' franchise player.

The franchise tag is only slightly more expensive the transition tag ($2.814 million to $2.629 million) in the case of Reed, so the Steelers can now keep their second all-time leading scorer with virtually no fear of him signing elsewhere. And while I am certainly not an advocate of his off-field conduct, I do think that this is the right price for the right kicker at this stadium, talking strictly about performance.

So the Ryan Clark deal would seem to be next in line, although the Steelers will not use the transition tag and $2,629,000 contract in his situation. And with the two sides meeting tomorrow in Indianapolis, I would be surprised to hear that a deal is not reached in the very near future.

Hampton agrees to Steelers contract; Reed gets franchise tag

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

That picture is an instant classic.

The best part is that of the 3 central figures in the picture, Skippy had the best academic career in college.