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As you can see, Ms. Hilton is going to be a permanent fixture as the symbol of our weekly poll questions. To quote Paris, "that's hot". And after that unnecessary intro, a look back at last week:

1. Your gut feeling - will Jeff Reed be a Steeler next year?

78.4% Yes
21.6% No

Considering that he was franchised on Thursday, most of you nailed this one. In the words of Mike Tyson, I take my hand off to you.

2. Will the Pirates win over or under 72 games next year?

66% under 72
34% over 72

The magic number I'm seeing now from Vegas is 69 wins. That would put the team at 93 losses, which technically means the team will be six games better than in 2009. But I agree with you and with Vegas - I'd go with the under.

3. Are college basketball teams storming the court too often this year?

77.3% Yes
22.7% No

It used to be a big deal, now I'm seeing it all too often. The allure is almost completely gone. This should be reserved for a major, major upset...not Providence over then- #19 UConn.

4. What station do you see yourself listening to the most for sports talk radio in the next year?

35.6% 105.9 The X
30.0% 1250 ESPN
28.7% 93.7 The Fan
5.8% 970 Fox

This is a big win for The X, which isn't even a sports talk radio station. And I'd also say it's a big win for The Fan, considering they were only on the air for a few days when this poll was released and already got almost a third of the audience in the bag. But for Fox, they clearly have a lot of ground they need to make up, at least with this crowd. They don't have nearly the amount of local programming as their competitors, and their signal strength certainly doesn't help.

5. Is fan behavior at pro and college games at its all time worst?

61.8% Yes
38.2% No

This question was prompted by the recent behavior at WVU and Mississippi State games, but those fans are clearly not alone in this category. Fans are paying more than ever for tickets, and they're subsequently expecting more out of teams. When things don't go their way, it can get ugly. Very ugly.

Now that that's out of the way, here are some fresh questions:

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Unknown said...

who ever these people who voted yes to trusting pirate ownership would also trust paris hilton to run the country...

jmarinara said...

Finland = Gold Medal.

You heard it hear first.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

well, we all know Slovakia won't be getting better than Silver. At least not with Hossa in the lineup.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I don't want the Winter Classic at PNC, but not for the reason you listed.

1. Pirates ownership has made a truckload of money off of that park, despite not putting a good product on the field. Why should they get to make money by piggybacking the success and popularity of the Penguins?

2. I think that, aesthetically, the last two years Winter Classics have looked awkward being played on giant baseball fields. I mean, if you buy outfield seats it looks like you're a mile away from the ice! The rink just seems to fit better inside of a football stadium. So why not have it at Heinz Field?

Or, give us every Pennsylvanians dream and have Pens vs Flyers at Beaver Stadium!

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Here is a poll question:

Did Ovechkin play better defense against?

a.) Canada
b.) a Russian female fan who traveled to Vancouver to watch her favorite player only to have him go out of his way to shove her to the ground while she filmed him walking past.

It's a very passionate push though. Plus he didn't appear to leave his skates to do it!