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ESPN's Brian Bennett has 10 predictions for the Big East in the next decade. Let's skip 1-9 and go straight to 10:
10. Pitt and Penn State resume playing: The biggest obstacle to the resumption of the Pittsburgh-Penn State rivalry is Joe Paterno. While I wouldn't put it past Paterno to coach into in his 90s, odds are that he will retire at some point soon. After that, expect the Panthers and Nittany Lions to start up their in-state rivalry again. It makes too much sense not to happen.
We can only hope, Mr. Bennett. We can only hope.

Steelers make it official: Well-traveled Al Everest is officially your new Pittsburgh Steeler special teams coach, having recently been cast off by Mike Singletary and the San Francisco 49ers. Let's just say Everest has a very favorable entry point for his new job, because anything less than four kick return touchdowns allowed will be viewed as improvement. [Times Online]

RIP, Bobby Bragan: The manager of the Pirates in 1956-57 has passed away in Fort Worth, Texas, at the age of 92. Bragan was a big league manager for seven years, and a player for seven seasons with the Phillies and Dodgers.

As the Bucco skipper, Bragan went 66-88 in 1956 and 36-67 in 1957 before being replaced by Danny Murtaugh, who led the Pirates to a relatively remarkable 26-25 record the rest of the way. []

Mets slowly become home for old Pirates: Wildly overpaid outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. will be joining Jason Bay and Oliver Perez today as a member of the New York Mets, coming over from the LA Angels, who will be eating a large part of his salary.

If there's one recipe for success in the majors, it's assembling a Pirate throwback squad. Heck, it nearly won the 2003 Cubs the World Series. []

PA cell phone users, listen up: State legislators in Pennsylvania are trying once again to make talking on hand-held cell phones or sending text messages an illegal practice in our state. Surely everyone must realize the bigger issue of how this could have a crippling effect on local sports talk radio. [PG]

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Rege said...

3 hours and no comments on a PSU PITT post? What is this world coming to?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I am frankly tired of it.

Adam must no longer be of this earth.

The Mad Bubbler said...

At least there's not any idiots on here talking about the Succos.

JW said...

So do the Bucs give Dotel the closer job immediately, or have him battle Hanrahan and Meek for it??

Adam said...

For the last time...

If you're gonna cheer for someone to retire, cheer for Curley to quit, no Joe.

Pitt-Penn State is about money, not spite. That's why our basketball program blows. While the rest of the league is handing out 2-3 million dollars for coaches, we're giving Eddy D a meal plan and a can of beans.

Penn State athletics is a cut throat, bottomline business, and that's something Paterno couldn't change if he wanted to.

Adam said...

I mean, I'm really, REALLY just tired of this "Let's hope Joe dies/retires so the series can resume again"

I'm telling you right now, the chances of it ever happening go DOWN when Joe is out of the picture. Pitt-Penn State isn't profitable for Penn State, and the discussion begins and ends there.

Just look at who Paterno has vouched to join the Big 10: Pitt, Syracuse, and Rutgers. Two of the three are old Penn State rivals that the old guard in the conference has no interest in. I honestly believe Joe wouldn't mind playing Pitt.

It's Curley.

Believe me.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Pitt vs. Penn State: Not profitable.

Temple vs. Penn State: Gold mine!

Adam said...

Yeah, it is. Whenever you can find a school that'll just give you a ton of home games for one visit to their school, it is a gold mine.

Adam said...

O, and by the way, we don't care.

Just ask Sean Lee (4th photo in gallery)

JW said...

So, you, Sean Lee, and I'm sure many others don't care. But there are many who do--I come across them all the time. The funny thing is, they are typically the younger (high school, early college) PSU fans who never really even had a glimpse of the rivalry. As a Pitt fan, it even bemuses me a bit because I ask why they care so much--I assume their parents have built it into them, meaning there are still older generations who care as well.

It's easy to claim not to care when it doesn't exist anyway, but I'm pretty sure if things heated back up again there'd be much passion on both sides.

BURGH08 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BURGH08 said...

Well, if nothing, Adam at least said it's the last time he will bring it up.

To claim Curley is in charge? What? You mean the same guy that was told to pile sand when he tried to get Joe to step down? Sure.

There is no doubt that within a reasonable time after Joe is buried, that Pitt and Penn State will agree to play again. Personally I could care less, but love how some attempt to spin the actual reason why they don't play, and try to make it strictly over money and 'providing for other programs'.

If you really want to make it about money, then try this one on for later: Maybe if you 'Penn State faithful' would support your 'nationally ranked womens volleyball team' or your basketball team (if you still have one) your athletic department wouldn't have to be so 'cut throat'. Why isn't that mentioned when bragging about your attendance on 6-7 Saturdays each fall?

Good day. I said good day.

Dan Claycomb said...

You think womens volleyball is profitable? Maybe we should get more support for our fencing team too. Combined they'll easily make more than our football team.

Adam said...

Nice rant Burgh

the nigerian nightmare said...

It's not the 'nationally ranked women's volleyball team''s the 3 time defending national champions women's volleyball team. Sure, no one cares, just wanted to clear that up.

BURGH08 said...

Yep. No one cares, as evidenced by the 'support'.

Maybe they should have tailgates and a drum major before the match? That should reel them in....

Adam said...

Rec Hall sells out (6-7,000) for every match.

People care, not because of the sport, but because of the name on the jersey.

BURGH08 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BURGH08 said...

12/16/09 From

SPEAKING OF ATTENDANCE: Hawaii has led the country in attendance the past 14 years in a row. They averaged over 7,000 spectators eight times during that span, including an NCAA record 8,378 in 1996. Hawaii’s average home attendance of 6,423 this year was nearly 1,500 more than any other school. Minnesota stood fourth in the rankings (3,816), Penn State sixth (3,291) and Texas seventh (3,035).

Exhibit B:

That took five minutes, yet you have been there for years and don't even know what goes on at your school.

It's too easy Adam.

Adam said...

Obviously I was wrong.

But if anything, you're reseach only reinforces my main point that people DO care about collegiate volleyball even if you and your Pitt cohort do not.

Hell you folks don't care about anything that doesn't take place on the WWL. That's why the rest of your sports blow, big time, and you finished in a 95th place tie with Drexel, New Hampshire, Southern Illinois, and Stephen F. Austin in the Directors Cup.

(this link will tell you what that is, since I realize you probably have no idea).

Laugh at us for supporting our other sports. Go ahead. That ignorance is why we'll never take you seriously.

BURGH08 said...

"Ignorance" is when you THINK you support other sports, and don't. You throw a number out of your ass about 6-7 K coming to a sport that can be refuted in less than five minutes of being half of that.

Apparently you don't go to the games either, or you would know better. Apparently that gets by on your blog, but at the end of the day it's just a talking points circle jerk.

Keep tuggin' Adam.

Adam said...

Maybe I'm just a lousy guesstimater?

Anonymous said...

While being 6th in attendance is pretty good, I did expect us to be a little high since they've been champs 3 years running but you're point was that if we support them more they would be able to make money to help support our athletics department.

Our football team make more in 1 game than any team makes in a full season. That's probably true for every team on that list, it's not a profitable sport.

Also, congrats to Hawaii, those are amazing numbers.

JW said...

If I lived in Hawaii I wouldn't spend a moment indoors. Even to watch the volleyball women.