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Pens win, all is well: Sidney Crosby had a six-point night, Evgeni Malkin scored a hat trick, and the power play scored four times in a 6-4 Penguin win over the Islanders last night in Pittsburgh. It was the first time that Sid and Geno both scored multiple goals in the same game, and the sixth loss in a row for the Islanders in Pittsburgh.

Brent Johnson stopped 31 of 35 shots in goal in place of Marc-Andre Fleury, and Sergei Gonchar added two assists for the Pens. Pittsburgh also got a goal and an assist from Bill Guerin.

The low point of the evening was the crushing hit laid out on Pascal Dupuis by Andy Sutton with 2:55 left in regulation. Dupuis was hit into the boards and spouted a pool of blood on the ice, but his agent says he is doing OK.

The timing of Malkin finding his mojo could not be better for the Pens, who will face Washington next on Thursday night. Is it too much to ask for another four power play goals that night? [ESPN]

Big game for the Panthers tonight: The Pete is hosting #12 Georgetown at #9 Pitt tonight, and that means uberprospect Greg Monroe will get an up close and personal view of the Oakland Zoo.

The 6'11" Monroe, likely headed for the NBA lottery, will be a tough matchup for the Panthers, who were torched by Louisville's low-post star, Samardo Samuels, for 25 points on Saturday. Nonetheless, the Panthers continue to surprise me and most of the country, so I'm not counting them out of any game before it's played. Consider that UConn has taller players than Pitt, and the Panthers out-rebounded the Huskies 40-31 last week.

Tipoff is at 7 PM, with TV on ESPNU. These are the top two scoring defenses in the Big East, so be prepared for the usual physical play and a steady stream of whistles. [PG]

Roethlisberger still not a Pro-Bowler...: To the surprise of no one, Tom Brady pulled out of the NFL's most uninteresting game, which left a vacancy at the quarterback position. His replacement will not be Ben Roethlisberger, but instead Matt Schaub, of the perennially-mediocre Houston Texans, who led the league with 4,770 yards passing in 2009. [PFT]

...But he is in the Hall of Fame: Or at least his equipment is. The Hall has placed Ben's jersey and gloves from his 503-yard game against Green Bay on display for all to gaze at. Someday you'll be there with a bigger presence, #7. [Big Ben News]

Pirates claim Brandon Jones: The Buccos picked up OF Brandon Jones yesterday off waivers from the Atlanta Braves. To make room for Jones, the Pirates designated P Steven Jackson for assignment.

Jones hit .281 with 7 HR and 57 RBI for Atlanta's triple-A affiliate last season and was the Braves #4 prospect as recently as 2007. A lefty, he goes 6'2", 195 pounds.

I'll say one thing about Neal Huntington: he leaves no stone unturned. [PBC Blog]

Steelers go back to CFL well: The Steelers signed LB Derrick Doggett, a special teams standout from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, a year after taking a chance on the CFL's Stefan Logan. If this guy improves the special teams, most fans wouldn't care if he came from the California Penal League. [ESPN]

Matt Cavanaugh's $300K Pittsburgh home featured on HGTV: Hey, running a boring offense pays dividends. His team is in the AFC Championship, if you haven't noticed. [HGTV]

Pittsburgher on Idol: Yeah, let's never talk about this again...

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

That cheap-shot on Dupuis was absolutely disgusting. I honestly thought his neck was broken when it first happened. What's even more disheartening, to me at least, is that there are people all over the internet who think that the only reason Sutton would get any type of suspsension is that he plays for the Isles and he did it to a Penguin.

But that is the life of a Pittsburgh sports fan; Crosby sucks and the NHL and NFL refs and commissioners have handed us everything, right?

Sutton could blatantly see Dupuis' number and he not only hit him in it, but extended an elbow away from his body. It's not like Dupuis shifted or lost his skates (a al Eric Cole,twice), he was doing the right thing in protecting the puck and Sutton drove his head into the boards.

On another note, I love how 6 points from Crosby and a Malkin HT aren't worthy of even a sidelink on ESPN's main page. But LeChoke James was a rebound shy of a triple-double and we all know a bunch of pistol toting thugs take precedent over the NHL.

jmarinara said...

I'm kind of hoping that dude slips in the bubble bath rather than slipping into a bubble bath.

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

Crosby's playing great but I'm not convinced Malkin is out of his slump yet. A HT that includes a 5 on 3 PP goal and an empty netter are not considered lighting it up by most NHL standards, besides we all know how well Geno played after his last hat trick. Yes, that was complete douchebaggery by Sutton but at least he's a decent enough human to admit he was in the wrong, unlike the kings of douche bags Richards and Ovechkin...oh yeah, lets not forget Cormier.

Because of Bettman and his refusal to get the NHL onto a real national viewing outlet like ESPN, the NHL will always be an after thought to them. I'm honstly surprised they make mention of the NHL at all. Even the ticker score updates are more coverage than the NHL should expect from ESPN.

The NHL would generate twice as much interest and excitement, which would equal more revenue, by letting ESPN broadcast less NHL games for free, than it does by letting Versus pay them whatver it does for as many games as they get.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Vs only plays 2 games per week during the regular season, I believe ESPN used to play more than that back in the day. I remember seeing games on ESPN2 all the time.

Plus, on ESPN there were never untelevised first round playoff games like there are now with Vs.

Right now that football season's ended we get an extra game on NBC each week that's only 3 games per week (that are out of the local market of course) plus whatever they show on NHL Network if you're fortunate enough to have it.

I'd go back to the ESPN days in a heartbeat. NHL tonight, plus a lot more coverage on Sportcenter, was great. If the NHL were still on ESPN, Crosby would be one of the biggest stars in all of sports right now instead of just in hockey.

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

"so be prepared for the usual physical play and a steady stream of whistles."

If this plays out like a typical Pitt-Gtown game, expect Pitt's "physical" play to be more on the dirty side and the whistles to be non-existent. Pitt pushes off on EVERY REBOUND! Jaron Brown should've been called for 3 seconds in 2002!!

- LouisLipps from Gtown (grabbing the torch from Adam from Penn St)

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I thought Big East League games and "phsyical" play were synonomous? Should be a barn burner tonight. I haven't had a chance to see G-Town play this season but I know they're beasts right now.

Speaking of Adam, his presence has been a bit scarce. I wonder if there is any connection between that and the defending NIT Chumps being 8-9 an in the basement of the Big Tenleven?

Didn't he make some comment that last year's Penn State team matched up well against Pitt?

Twizzalicious said...

Ben declined the Pro Bowl invitation. He was the first choice to replace Tom Brady, but after consulting with team doctors, who said that he should not play again until his injured shoulder is completely healed, he declined the invitation.

NickDawg said...

Louis Lipps - sounds like you are a bit scared of your squad playing at the Pete tonight. Home court always gets the calls and yes Pitt will scrap all day for rebounds pushing or not, thats just the big east but i wouldnt say Pitt is dirty by any means.

As for any moron to say Penn st matches up against anyone in hoops is asinine. Penn st should just abloish their hoops squad to save some face. A street team playing down north park could take them.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

you do realize who we are talking about here, right?

Deification of all things PSU is his Islam.

I am sure he will tell us all to kiss their NIT Ring again. That was a Mondesishouse Classic right there.

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

In recent years, the Hoyas have had huge height advantages over the Panthers (especially with 6'8" Dejuan Blair playing center), so it seemed like the refs would let Pitt get away with anything in the process of rebounding.

For the record, I'm a bit of a Pitt fan too (I know, it should be illegal to have two favorite teams, especially in the same conference...sue me). I only want Pitt to lose 3 or 4 games all year -- the ones where they face Gtown.

I like Pitt's chances tonight -- the Zoo is a tough place to play, the Hoyas are young (no seniors), and have no bench. Any foul trouble for Gtown and the game is over.

NickDawg said...

Louis - thanks for the insight. I havent seen Gtown play at all this yr. I know they have a beast in Monroe but wasnt sure about the bench or experience factor. Keep in mind Pitt is young too and lost 66% of their scoring from last yr so what they are doing is dam impressive. Im sure it will be a good game tho one way or another!