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Pens win, Sid still single: The Penguins won 3-1 in Calgary last night, behind goals from Sidney Crosby, Bill Guerin, and Tyler Kennedy. The power play was 1-for-5, and Geno Malkin was again scoreless, for those of you interested in the team's current areas of concern.

The story of the night was Marc-Andre Fleury, who had 37 saves en route to first star honors. There was also an undercard of Brian McGrattan and Eric Godard on the agenda:

The Pens are back in action tonight at Edmonton, with a 9:30 start. TV is slated for FSN, so controversy could rear its head. [ESPN]

Ellis Cannon out at 104.7: This isn't today's news, because it happened a few days ago, but Ellis Cannon was recently removed by WPGB-FM in favor of syndicated political host Michael Savage.

Cannon, a former trial lawyer who left that profession in 1996 to launch Pittsburgh Sports Report Magazine, started his radio career with ESPN 1250 in 1998 before moving to 104.7 in 2004. [PG]

Pirates sign Carrasco: The Buccos officially signed the right-handed reliever to a one-year, $950K deal contingent on his making the team. Carrasco had a 3.76 ERA in 49 appearances last season for the Chicago White Sox, leading AL relievers with 89 1/3 innings pitched. Combine that with the recent signing of Brian Bass, and the Pirates now have the top two AL relievers in innings pitched from last season. That should sell some tickets. [PBC Blog]

What's wrong with Duquesne? That's a pretty good question, because the Dukes still haven't won in the A-10, falling to 0-3/9-8 overall after a 79-75 loss to St. Louis at the Palumbo Center.

One problem is the inability to close out games, as the Dukes have seen five of their games go to overtime. The St. Louis game went to double OT. If nothing else, they're good value for your entertainment dollar. [Times Online]

Behind the Scenes with Kiss and Max: If you haven't seen the new Max Talbot A&L Motors commercial, it's your lucky day, because the Kiss 96.1 Freak Show has it along with some behind the scenes photos. [Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show]

Checking in with the Wannstache: Paul Zeise has a plethora of Pitt football news, including tidbits like RB Shariff Harris' pending transfer to a I-AA school, Greg Romeus coming back for his senior season, and position changes for QB Kolby Gray and S Elijah Fields. [PG]

Help needed in Haiti: Local girls Jamie and Ali McMutrie run the BRESMA orphanage in Port-au-Prince, and they desperately need your help. Please go to That's Church for the entire story and what you can do.

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Steve said...

Yeah, what's up with Sid anyway? I know it's hard to fit GF time into a hockey season, especially when you’re living at your boss’s house with his wife and kids but I haven't heard any rumors about him hooking up with anyone. He should be out there doing his best A-Rod/Jeter impersonation and sowing his oats now before he winds up married or something and pulls a Tiger. The single guys like Max and Geno need to get this kid laid already.

Unknown said...
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Koz said...

Yeah, what a jerk! Quit focusing on what's important and leading the team so successfully! Put yourself in a weird position where some wacky chick can accuse you for rape, post haste!

Real McCoy said...

The Ellis Canon removal surprised and disapointed me. I wonder what 104.7 plans to do with their Pirate coverage? The Pirates never seemed like a very good fit with them, and now they have no other sports coverage. I think they did away with the Saturday afternoon sports show that Rocco DeMaro used to do.

Steve said...

Maybe they can get a drunken, stuttering Tourettes sufferer to handle the Pirates coverage, at least that would make it interesting. I know I'd tune in... it'd be right up there with Jagr weather.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Jagr weather needs to make a comeback.

Of course now-a-days, there would probably be a lawsuit from some special interest group but who cares. That was the stuff dreams are made of.

bohica said...

I would definitely consider marrying that bird with the sign.